Quicken Loans’ Zing! Just featured a podcast on the latest trends in financial tech, and I was happy to be the featured guest. FinTech is in the middle of an exciting transformation, and I shared my favorite tools from Mint to what money transfers will look like in the future. One of the featured tools I discussed was Acorns, an app that lets newbies begin investing. It’s an auto portfolio management tool that lets you make use of spare change on a daily basis with ETFs. It’s easy—you just round up!

Robinhood is another app that I’m loving. It lets you trade stocks free of charge and then manages them for you. By far, the most attractive feature of this app is the free aspect, but it also moves quickly. You can get market data in real time and set up notifications to stay on top of your investments.

You might also want to check out Tada, from the company that brought you TurboTax. It can help you better file state/federal taxes from home. It takes a few minutes to set up, it’s very thorough, and when you’re finished a licensed tax preparer double checks it. Read full article here.
Listen to the entire podcast below:


Zing Podcast Exciting Things Happening in Financial Technology-with John Rampton