It’s said that everyone old is new again, and that’s certainly the case with this Mashable list of re-invigorated ideas. When I was asked for my input, I instantly thought of Snapchat. It’s brought back a love of communicating via photographs. Of course, Snapchat is successful because of that social element. The nature of the platform makes it fun, but really it’s just photo sharing in the social media-driven, digital age.

Others on the list I like include Polaroid. Back in the day, these were bulky items and Polaroid seemed doomed. However, today Polaroid has reinvented itself as nostalgic and cool with great branding. Another company that’s doing well is Unwelcome Greetings who are the antithesis of Hallmark. Why not infuse some sarcasm and wit when congratulating a friend—all while taking advantage of the Digital Era? Memes and emojis are just the latest evolution of greetings.

Also, consider the Dollar Shave Club. Yes, you’re getting cheaper razors easier, but you’re also getting it in style. Their finesse with advertising is part of what made a very standard industry shine.

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