I recently covered the murmurings of the Silicon Valley crash for TechCrunch, but don’t worry—it’s not coming for a while. There’s always gossip about bubbles getting burst when you have a successful market. There are pessimists, naysayers, those who have been burned before and are now overly cautious, and in some cases this negative talk is worth listening to. However, with Silicon Valley, the tech hub is solid for a little longer.

My take? The sky isn’t falling. Plus, not all successful markets are bubbles, which means that bursts aren’t a sure thing. Take a look at some real numbers and you’ll see that the market is still flourishing. For example, there was a steady pace in Q2 of 2015 when it came to global initial public offerings (IPOs). In fact, it was up six percent from this time last year.

Yes, good things have incredible streaks that will slow, shift, and in some cases even stop. However, that “end” dnarios.

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There is No Silicon Valley Crash Coming—For A While-with John Rampton


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