I was happy to sit down with another successful blogger, Michelle of Momsville USA, at this year’s Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas where I was participating in the six-figure blogging panel. She asked me about my impressions of this year’s panel, which I have participated in for a number of years, seeing my own career and the opportunities of the blogging industry rapidly evolve.

As I noted in my interview, the primary goal is to get others to understand that they should focus on becoming better at what they are doing and leverage the successful strategies that we are sharing in this panel.  This panel is so popular because just about everyone wants to have a career that they can control without someone telling them what to do and where they can design making money around the lifestyle they want to create for themselves.

I can’t emphasize the importance of just getting started and running with this career path. While it may take a little while for the money to roll it, it will as you work hard and focus on building your  following. I used my own example. When I started blogging about nine years ago, I did about three blog posts a day of about 500 to 1000 words for each blog post with pictures. For nine months, I did that and didn’t make any money. My point is that you should not give up. Keep going because you will reach that  tipping point and the revenue will come.



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