I was interviewed by Brand24 for their podcast, discussing how failure can be a great part of success. You need failures in order to learn and grow—but that doesn’t mean you have to make every mistake possible! One of the biggest mistakes I see is people creating and pushing products/services nobody wants. The ability to create a product that people want is the biggest hurdle, not a lack of creativity. Usually, entrepreneurs are highly creative! It takes more than that.

There’s also the misconception that the biggest obstacle is raising money. That might be the case in some instances, but this action is not always needed. I’ve personally never “raised money” for any venture. I’ve always paid out of my own pocket. That kind of freedom doesn’t only let you manage the project better, but also keeps fewer hands in the pot.

Re-inventing yourself and starting over is, and should be, a regular part of life. Nobody and no business can stand to be stagnant. It can be tiring, but you learn with each creation. Take a look at what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what you’ve learned from those failures.

Listen to the podcast here, or read the full transcription:


“Failure Is an Epic Part of Success” with John Rampton-with John Rampton