Flippa recently interviewed me about how I’ve taken the Due.com domain name I purchased last year and built it into a successful online invoicing brand that is poised to grow exponentially this year through the marketing and acquisition strategy myself and the company’s  co-founder have been able to develop and implement. After purchasing the domain name from Flippa, they were interested to know how I took a domain name and developed a brand around it, using an existing online invoicing company that had not previously leveraged the power of a content-based marketing strategy or had spent any time on creating brand equity from its great product.

The interview covers how premium domain names are an important part of developing an online business. Not only does it provide good search capability, but it also offers instant credibility that we have further leveraged throughout the content marketing strategy — both on daily posts on our Due.com blog as well as throughout the various online publications where I serve as a contributor.

Additionally, we are using an acquisition strategy to get more technology and existing users to speed up the expansion of Due.com and help to create the necessary revenue to sustain this brand.

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