My friend and former business partner Peter Daisyme just published a piece in the Chicago Tribune discussing getting your startup to the next level. I’m happy to be included as his “friend and fellow entrepreneur”—and that he utilized much of what I’ve shared with him! He begins by encouraging entrepreneurs to keep going back to their business plan. It will change, your goals will change, and your documentation needs to reflect that.

Make sure you focus on your social media game. It can always be better, no matter how well you think you’re owning it. Hiring a social media manager is a good idea. Plus, start a blog, and make sure you hire a pro to take care of it, too. It can work wonders with just three additions per week and helps you create a platform to connect with and share with your audience.

Get a mentor (I’m proud to be one!) who can help you trim the fat and keep you on track. Downsizing is often a necessity. Make sure you “hire right” and don’t jump into things when bringing on a permanent employee. Finally, double check your location and get on top of your SEO. Where you work, even if it’s a virtual office, plays a big role in your success.

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Get Your Startup to the Next Level of Success-with John Rampton