Entrepreneurs have been where you’re standing, so learning from them is the fastest, best and easiest way to grow. Real Men Real Style asked me and nine other entrepreneurs what our best career advice is. Mine? Don’t stick to the same industry—at least not without a good reason. I was told early in my career not to stay in one field. If I’d stuck with one industry, I’d never have experienced the success I’ve enjoyed so far.

I’ve worked, dabbled and experimented in multiple fields. In my early days, I was in construction then learned internet marketing when I got injured. That spawned an interest in IoT, web hosting and online marketing. Now, I co-own an invoicing company which has led to an interest in eCheck and other alternative payments.

You no longer have to stay in one industry. Other advice tips from entrepreneurs include working smarter (not harder) and consciously changing the people around you. Any kind of rut will lead to homeostasis. Chance is the force entrepreneurs need in order to grow.

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