Even in the best MBA programs, there are some management strategies that you have to learn on the job. On the other hand, some of the industry’s best business leaders can also clue you in! Small Business Trends collected the 13 best management techniques that schools won’t teach you, and I’m happy to have contributed advice, tips and my own experience. Active listening is something I’ve learned in my years as a manager, founder and entrepreneur.

It’s something no book can teach you. It takes practice, and you simply have to get out there and do it. The good news? You can practice active listening in all parts of your life! The lesson is interactive. Collaboration and hustling are also skills that are tough to learn in school. Professors try with all those group projects, but it’s not even close to collaborating in the real world.

Hustling is both a skill and an innate characteristic. If you’re not a natural-born hustler, as many entrepreneurs are, you can still up your hustling game. It takes endless drive, ambition and a relentless attitude.

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