Did you make it to the QuickBooks Connect conference this year? If not, don’t worry—Insightly covered the event, talking to a number of presenters and attendees. Host Angela Imes asked me how I get the most out of these conferences, and I know for a lot of people it takes getting out of your comfort zone. However, as someone who loves talking to people, conferences are one of my favorite places to learn, connect and share in community.

It can be a little uncomfortable and intimidating, especially if you feel out of your element, but I like to observe first. Check out name badges and figure out who’s who, and what’s the best way to connect with them. One of the best skills you can hone is forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning how to talk and connect with others. The best way to do it? Attend conference like these and practice.

The “best” networking for your business might be wildly different than mine. However, conferences are a place where those in your industry gather and it’s easiest to figure out who might be a great fit for a conversation. I focus on community via social media, too. Growing your online presence requires engagement on a daily basis.

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