My friend and colleague, Steve Olenski, included me and my company,, in an article he wrote for Forbes on the best tools to use when launching a consulting firm. He focused on tools that were either free or very low cost, including tools for marketing, productivity, and communication, which are all essential for  business success.

In listing as a productivity tool that helped to address those bookkeeping and accounting tasks that are very necessary but that you may not be sure how to do. Therefore, having a free tool like Due helps avoid having to hire an accountant while helping you to track your time on projects and automates the process of sending invoices and receiving payment. 

The other tools on his list are also very helpful for a consulting business or any startup or self-employed person because it helps you do the job of many in an efficient way without eating into what is likely a small budget. Plus, these tools fill in the gaps in your skill set and provide a way to learn how to manage all aspects of your consulting firm.

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