I wrote an article for Fortune that covered 25 key books that every entrepreneur should have on their shelves. I’ve always been an avid reader, and this didn’t stop when I became an entrepreneur. If anything, I sought out more books about how to be a successful entrepreneur and on what I need to know to run a business. Some of these books are also on this list because I found that they went beyond just imparting wisdom and delivered the inspiration and motivation I needed to get through some of the tough times and sail over those hurdles that appeared along the way.

I regularly reach for these books on my shelves or in my e-reader to review some of the points that are made when I’m struggling with a new issue or I have come across something new that I need to address.

As entrepreneurs, all of us need to continue our learning curves no matter where we are in the process of launching a startup or managing a business. Even if it’s not our first rodeo, these books should be viewed as reference guides that help direct us through all parts of the journey.

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