If you don’t remember SEO being covered when you were at university, fortunately the ivy-covered walls are finally catching up. Cornell just posted a link to an original TechCrunch article I wrote where I discussed the state of artificial intelligence and how it is impacting SEO at breakneck speed. The Cornell site gives a brief summary, overviewing Google’s latest AI technology and the RackBrain algorithm. This algorithm, like all of Google’s, is transforming how we approach SEO.

RackBrain personalizes Google’s main algorithms for every key search. When this happens, it groups quality sites and sub-par sites in separate categories. With each grouping it “learns” which sites belong together. With a grouping algorithm, SEO gets better with every single search.

Designed for a specific course, the instructor notes, “This is what we’re currently learning in this course: search using links.” In what appears to be a sophomore-level “Networks” course, the instructor is seeking out the latest information on SEO and passing down the basics to students. In this way, the latest crop of graduates will already have an understanding of SEO, how it works, and how it’s evolving when the grads start job seeking.

You can take a look at the full course summary with links here: