What does golf and writing have in common? Quite a bit! The Convince & Convert blog asked a number of golfers and writers how to get better at putting fingertips to keyboard, and I’m cited under the “know and adapt to your surroundings” bullet point. When you hang out in the right places (for me, that’s industry forums and message boards), pinpoint your weaknesses and work on those, and of course keep up with industry news, you’re going to become a better writer. It works the same with golf!

Another tip is to find your rhythm, which is of course paramount in golf and writing. With golf, it’s all about accuracy and precision. A serious golfer knows that every single stroke is only made after consideration. One small mistake can lose the game. The same goes with writing—you can’t just create a fast draft and expect it to resonate with audiences.

If golf is your game and you want to improve your writing, think about how the two relate. You can apply much of your golf game approach to writing.

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