Backlinking is a backbone of search engine optimization, but it’s easy to do it “wrong.” Best practices are always evolving, which is why Ignite Visibility asked me and 22 other SEO experts what our backlink approach entails. Link building is making top content, getting folks to write about it, and making it shareable. I usually prefer long form guides that are useful and actually teach readers something new. I don’t hold back with these article. Giving it all away is a solid approach to creating great content.

An example cited in the article is a freelancer guide I created. It’s just 10,000 words and has everything you need to know to get started as a freelancer. I’ve guest blogged about freelancing, and in these blogs I “drop” the article name and/or link. This obviously spreads it like mad, and inspires others to write about it! One year after the guide was out, I still had at least one person a week linking to it and talking about it. Now, it ranks as number one for one of many keywords!

A tip from Neil Patel is simple: Be open to interviews. The more exposure you have, the more links you can drum up.

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