Whether you have an MBA or not, entering the business world requires more than business prowess. Silicon Cape Initiative asked entrepreneurs and successful business owners what their best non-business tips are, citing my essay from Entrepreneur. In the original essay, I listed a number of reasons why I choose not to invest in certain ventures and companies. Most often, I invest in people—not businesses. No matter how good the idea, product or service is, if I am not sold on you as a person, I probably won’t invest in you.

A person’s leadership skills, character, and judgment make a huge difference to me. With that being said, a person who is “open to learning,” and has proven that point will do better in business. There’s no such thing as perfection in a person. Somebody will always be better at something than you or someone else will know more, and you can’t let that get you down. Being open to learning and growing is paramount to success.

Networking skills are also important. If you can’t network, you’re not going to do very well in business. Relationship building is a must. Third, you have to treat your staff well. Without respect, no company can thrive. From having a solid insurance plan for staff to procuring the best equipment, listening to staff and treating them well — is a sign of a good leader.

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