The results are in, and thanks to GoBankingRate’s annual survey, I made the list of one of the top 16 money experts of the year! Who will be the overall winner? You get to decide with voting available starting February 1. I encourage you to check out the full lineup and cast your vote, as well as use the hashtag #MoneyIdol to spread the news. This year, the 2015 winner “Rich Bitch” writer Nicole Lapin is also protecting her crown, so you won’t want to miss out on this showdown.

My competition includes David Bach, author of nine NYT best-sellers. He says his mission is to help people save through a simple “pay yourself first” approach. He’s a leading financial writer, and also a popular speaker on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show. He’s even been featured on CNN.

There’s also Jean Chatzky, financial editor at NCB’s TODAY show and an expert on financial literacy. She believes it’s a skill a person should have and foster at every stage in life. She’s known for her savvy money tips and role as an AARP personal finance ambassador.

Take a look at the full lineup and get ready to cast your vote!