My latest blog for Time’s Money blog outlines the most common financial lies we tell ourselves over and over again. When it comes to the definition of insanity, this is where many of us have problems! The biggest is that we tell ourselves that we’ll pay back the money we pull from savings—but how often does this happen? Even if you do, you’ve lost the benefits of having that money in an interest-earning account. Savings are just that: To be saved. Only in real emergencies should you dip into this account.

A lot of us put off saving for retirement, thinking we can do it later. However, the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. Every little bit counts, and almost every single person can either 1) save now or 2) save more. Then there’s the whopper that your credit score doesn’t really matter. Even if you’ve financed a home and own a car already, you never know when you might need a new line.

However, a real dinger is the idea that you’ll never be able to pay off your debt. Positive thinking plus positive actions are key. Find out more tips now.

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12 Financial Lies We Tell Ourselves-with John Rampton