Research groups estimate that 2019 will see technology double in size beyond the PC, smartphone, tablet, wearable gadgets, and connected automobile. In fact, the technology category is poised to become the biggest device market across the globe within the next four years. Experts predict this level of massive growth will add $1.7 trillion to the global economy by 2019, and businesses are likely to save billions as a result.

Booming Industry

Due to this, Samsung has made the decision to allocate more than $100 million to startup businesses. This investment will be utilized to strengthen the vision of South Korean manufacturers, and it will also enable all of the applicable devices to connect within the same language.

The Internet of Things

The term Internet of Things (IoT) is used while discussing these technological developments, and this refers to any consumer gadgets, services and appliances that connect to a network so they can receive and send pertinent data. When you use your cellular device to gain access to a WiFi security system that’s been installed throughout your dwelling, you’re actually using IoT. Brands such as Dropcam WiFi cameras, Jawbone, Nest thermostats, and gadgets in the wearable device industry are all IoT. There are also hundreds of other companies within the same space.

IoT Startups to Keep an Eye On

The Wrike Project Management Company that I’m friends with compiled the following infographic titled, 11 Hot “Internet of Things” Start-ups, and it contains eight of the most interesting, dynamic and talked about IoT start-ups they say are certain to be HUGE in 2015. You’ll also find three well established brands that are virtually certain to become even bigger this year.


What do you think about our predictions after reading this article and looking at the infographic? Do you agree with us, or are there other IoT companies more geared toward success for 2015? Sound off in the comments and let us know.