Originally published by the Young Entrepreneur Council, The Huffington Post has shared on article on getting over public speaking jitters, and I’m happy to be cited as a source. However, my advice is a little unorthodox—I recommend doing some pushups before your presentation. I saw a famous speaker try this tactic and admittedly thought it was strange. After his talk, I asked about his approach and he said it’s an easy way to get energized and of course helps supply some extra endorphins. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

Other tips include keeping an eye on your body language. You can practice this any time, but being aware of the non-verbal cues you’re sending isn’t just smart, it’s also something to keep your mind off the jitters! Another great tip is making a friend prior to the talk. This helps you relax and you know you have at least one buddy in your corner.

Some speakers repeat positive incantations to themselves, and there’s plenty of evidence that this kind of self-talk and affirmations work.

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