People are funny about money, including ourselves. In fact, we lie to ourselves all the time when finances are concerned. For Fox Business, I recently covered the 12 big lies we keep saying over and over, even when we’ve learned those tough lessons. For me, it’s all about believing that only the rich can actively build wealth. That’s just not true. Anyone can invest, and spending less than you make is the foundation.

A lot of people tell themselves they just don’t make enough. However, not making enough money is like saying you’re not ready to have kids—you’ll never have enough, and the timing’s never perfect! Working with what you have is a challenge, but also a necessity. Maybe you think those debts are insurmountable, or that you’re sure you’ll pay back that dip in your savings this time. You likely already know the truth, but aren’t listening to that little voice (or past mistakes).

Many think they can put off saving for retirement, but the best time to start is always “today.” Perhaps you’ve fallen for the lie that your credit score isn’t a huge deal since you have no big loans coming up (spoiler alert: It’s always a big deal). Find out the complete list now!

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12 Money-Based Whoppers We Keep Believing-with John Rampton