Personal branding is no longer only for entrepreneurs and celebrities—in today’s digital era, everyone has a personal brand! When asked what I thought a key contributing factor was for figuring out your latest hire’s brand, I said to consider the feedback they’ve been getting. When I hire, I check out a person’s online presence. When I see feedback such as reviews or testimonials, for better or worse, I take that as a big hint of what to expect.

Others look for meaningful track records, no matter how those records are kept. A consistent online social presence can be another clue. Of course, there are always exceptions, and it can largely come down to how private a person is (and how tech savvy they are when it comes to keeping a light carbon footprint). You can and should expect a strong online personal brand for, example, a social media manager. An accountant, on the other hand, might not have much online presence to show.

Their email communication style can be a great indicator for those with less of an online presence, and asking how they spend personal time can also be a clue.

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