In the months past I’ve received a lot of messages, comments and emails, each asking something about Simple Balance. To some I have answered, to others I couldn’t, due to various reasons (mostly time).

Please understand that the simple fact that I released this theme for free is a “support” action itself, and most times, my daily activities do not allow me to help everybody in their quest to customize this theme the way they want to. That would mean to cut time from my clients’ projects to offer support for this free theme. I am sure that you can understand this situation.

That’s why, for a limited period of time, I’ll check out this post daily and try to answer any question you might have, be it design or source code related, as long as it is about Simple Balance. If you have previously asked the same thing on another topic, or sent a mail and did not get an answer, please ask again here so that I can answer your questions.

So… fire away!

PS: Some questions could already be answered in these posts:

  • Simple Balance – Right Sidebar Alignment Bug Fix
  • How to Add Your Logo to Simple Balance
  • FeedBurner Email Subscription in Simple Balance 2.0

63 comments on “Need help with Simple Balance? Ask away!

  • Hey Alex-

    Thanks for creating such an amazing theme. I was wondering how I could change the gravatar pictures of the alien monsters when people don’t have their own gravatars into something that would fit my site better.

  • Dave, this link should help you:

    Alternatively, depending on what WP version you use, find the code that outputs the comment list (either in comments.php or functions.php – for 2.7+), and add this where you wnat the custom gravatar displayed:

    <?php echo get_avatar(get_comment_author_email(), ’50’,’absolute-path-to-gravatar.jpg’); ?>

    In the above, 50 is the pixels size of the image (square) output. The path to image should be absolute, including http://

  • I really appreciate your development and work for this great theme. I have been using this since last 1 year on my site and its working amazing. I dont think that people still need anything for latest version. Its everything itself…

  • (not sure that my first comment was added …)

    I love your theme.
    I’d like to move the RSS feed (susbcribe) to the right sidebar. And I’d like to remove the search function at the top to make more spaces for listing the pages and having them on the same line.

  • Hey Alex..
    The theme is working great as ever on my blog. Just one question though. How do I remove threaded comments?
    Disabling them from wordpress settings seems to have no effect.

  • How do you add widgets below the 125×125 ads section? I can’t seem to figure it out.


  • I like this theme so much that I’ve been using it on two sites so far. It is very flexible, user-friendly, and SEO friendly. I just need to figure out how to change the Search to a Google Custom Search. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the theme and for all the other useful content on this blog.

  • Fungur.Com, Thanks for the appreciation. And this topic was not meant to be a way to get suggestions for a future version. Future versions will only probably get more color schemes and adjust the theme to work with WP 2.8+

    Yves B, what you are trying to achieve requires a bit of HTML + CSS knowledge.

    The top menu area is set to a fixed width and simply deleting the search area will not create more space for the top menu, unless you re-adjust its size afterward. Keep in mind that if you edit the theme files, you will have to do the same thing by yourself when/if a new theme version comes out and you want to update.

    Now, here’s a TXT file that should guide you through the steps you need to take in order to move the RSS subscription from left to right sidebar.

    In order to remove the search and expand the top menu you should read this TXT file I’ve prepared for you.

    Hope this helps.

    Shantanu, the old comment system is included in the “legacy.comments.php” file. Normally, if you rename/remove the “comments.php” file and rename legacy.comments.php -> comments.php it should get back to the old style.

    Alternatively, you can look in functions.php for this function “mytheme_comment” and remove the part of the output that generates the “Reply to this comment” button, and thus not giving users the option of threading their replies.

    Ken, the 125×125 ads area is not included in the widget ready zone since it’s not a widget itself, but a custom ad management zone. The only thing you can do with this area is to either move it to the top of the sidebar, or its bottom, in the theme control panel.

    Miryam Stenger, I’ve never used the Google Custom Search myself before, but I think that you can find quite a bunch of tutorials to help you out on the Internet. This one looks quite good to me:

  • Hi, Alex!
    Simple Balance is a great theme. You made it dummy-proof πŸ™‚ Speaking for all who may fall into that category…thank you. lol

    So far I’ve only wondered about adding a drop down menu to the top page listing. I’m still debating whether or not I really want to do that, but is it an easy tweak?

  • Jeannie, thanks for the kind words. The theme is far from being dummy-proof, and I strongly disagree to the fact that people using it, or the readers of Blogsessive for that matter, “may fall into that category”. πŸ™‚

    Now, the drop down menu is not the type of tweak that can be explained through “go to this line”, “delete and replace with this”, unfortunately. It requires either a plugin (don’t really know which one, never used it) that might not be compatible with SB, or some medium+ knowledge of CSS and browser compatibility hacks.

    My Journey, you’re most welcome. I’m glad it proved to be what you needed.

  • Alex,

    Thanks, I thought it might rely on a plugin, but I wasn’t sure if it was already an integrated feature I had missed.

    Hope you aren’t offended by my dummy-proof comment…I clearly meant me. lol If anyone else wants to place themselves in that category I’ll leave that up to them. 😎

    Compliment v.2 Your options panel makes the theme easy to customize, and it made me feel pretty smart. 8-P

  • I’m trying to figure out how to change the look of the threaded comments in my Simple Balance theme. With the light colored comments being the same color as the background of the page, it’s harder to tell when there are reply comments to the light colored ones. Any suggestions for tweaking that?

  • i was using this theme:

    and it spanned the screen, i had lots of room in the middle with little space being taken up on the LEFT of the LEFT sidebar and on the RIGHT of the RIGHT sidebars. I need to reclaim that unused space to the left of column 1 and to the right of column 3. I need more space in between the bars (guts). for the BODY. There is extra space to the right and left of each sidebar, I need to reclaim that space so I can use it in the MAIN body. I need 100% space.

    I tried monkeying around in the stylesheet, but nothing worked for me. Any help most appreciated.

    The theme is really great, thanks so much for such a great free wordpress theme. It is one of the best that I have seen.

  • Alex,

    I finally upgraded to Simple Balance 2.2 & it sort of fixed the right side columns displaying in IE, but it still isn’t fully correct (it displays perfectly fine in Firefox!). Would this be a template or CSS tweak?

    My next problem is trying to get those 125×125 Banner Ads to display content correctly. I have found a number of Commission Junction ads I’d like to place at the top right of my blog page (currently they are displayed as empty place-holders, linking to my Products page). My confusion is the definitions of what you call:
    – First banner is pointing to this URL:
    – First banner source URL:
    – First banner title:
    versus what Commission Junction defines as:
    – Image URL:
    – Destination URL:
    – Link Code:
    I’ve tried a variety of combinations of the CJ links in the different Banner Settings boxes, to no avail – they do not display properly.

    Third question: what are the meanings of these 3 banner link types?
    – Internal (Do Follow)
    – External (Do Follow)
    – External (No Follow)

    Thanks SO much in advance for your assist!

  • Dan,

    While I’m not familiar with Commission Junction’s system I believe that a valid combination would be:

    “First banner is pointing to this URL” = “Destination URL”

    “First banner source URL” = “Image URL”

    “First banner title” has no link, you can put a title of your choice there, like “Click here to visit the X website”

    Link code, that I really don’t know what it represents, maybe some affiliate link or something, but it doesn’t really link to SB in anyway.

    About Internal, External, Do Follow and No Follow link I will have to guide you to a quick Google search, there’s enough indepth information around.

    In short, internal links open in the same browser tab/window, while external links open in a new tab/window.

    No follow/Do follow tell search engines to go through the link to the destination and by doing so, you will give “link juice” to those targets.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your recent answers. I spent some time trying to implement what you suggested, but to no avail. I even went into the Theme Editor to try to find & edit the “rightads.php” file – that didn’t work. I couldn’t even find the 125×125 Sidebar Banner Settings data I had saved. I figured out that the Commission Junction “Link Code” is all of the specific affiliate tracking data. This assures I get the commission credit when someone buys something after clicking through. Here’s the Tire Rack Link Code data: “

    After I save that data to the Banner Setting page, I view the site & it displays completely incorrect. Then returning back to the Banner Settings page, the data is replaced with “<a href=\\”. Now the link displays as a text link, it does click through to the 3rd party website, but w/o track data.

    I’m wondering if I’m going to have to upgrade & pay for a theme like Thesis? I have left the links on the blog page (, for now, to see if you can give me any additional clues.

    You can understand this is frustrating – especially when I see so many other blogs with properly linking/tracking advertising banners. I realize that Simple Balance is free & appreciate your attempt to advise me further!


    P.S. – I’m still wondering about the right side column displaying too low in IE (it displays just fine in Firefox!). Would you know if this is a template or CSS tweak? Thanks again!

  • Hi Alex,

    Love the theme! Thanks so much.

    I’m relatively new to WP so I’m not sure if this is a theme bug or a WP preference, but here is the issue:

    Whenever I publish a new post, all of the html on the preceding posts gets stripped. For example, if you go to my page and look at the latest post, the post is formatted exactly as i’d like, but the ones below it are not (They should have working hyperlinks and paragraph breaks, too).

    Any idea why this is happening?


  • Hello there

    I have only two little problems. One is that I when I want to send my posts to a facebook wall, the picture that comes with that article (in the blog post) never appears on the facebook wall.

    I cant figure out weather this is a general facebook/wordpress problem or something else.

    The other thing is the width of the post area. Would like it a little wider. It’s a bit tight for pictures and that.

    How do I streatch it? πŸ™‚

    Otherwize, thank you for a fantastic theme!

  • RacingReadyDan: Dan, you have my email on the contact page. Send me a screenshot of the info you are provided with from Commission Junction and I will try to guide and tell you what should go where. Thesis is a good theme, but you don’t need to upgrade just because of this.

    About the right sidebar, have you seen this post? It could help.

    Greg, it’s not a bug. It’s a setting implemented in Simple Balance that make use of WordPress capability of providing post excerpts. This has been introduce in the theme to prevent duplicate content issues and Google penalties.

    You can adjust the number of the latest posts displayed in full in the theme control panel.

    Margret I’m sorry but I have no answer for the Facebook problem. Never had the issue since I don’t really use my blog in conjunction with Facebook.

    Now, about the content area and its size, you need a bit of HTML and CSS coding skills to achieve it. Since you’re asking, I’m inclined to think that’s out of the question, so the best solution would be to approach someone with the required skills and ask them to do the job for you. It shouldn’t take too long so you won’t have to pay too much. Keep in mind that the current size fits well in a 1024 resolution. Stretching that column will take parts of the site out of the screen.

  • Navjot Singh says:

    Found the bug for Meta Generator Field bug…In header.php instead of the code:

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress " />

    Use the following code in header.php

  • Hi, I live in France and I use your theme.
    I have a small problem with the appearance of the widgets the letter of which begins by “W” on the blog. In effect, while they are installed well and activated I do not find them in the category Widget and I therefore cannot drag them in any . Could you help me ?

  • I also realize that under IE the right column is brought forward right at the bottom. How can I solve this bug? Thanks for your help.

  • epseud No developer will be able to guess the problems you have if you don’t give at least a link. Related to the right sidebar, if you would have checked 3 comments above yours, you would have seen I’ve already suggested a fix for this.

  • I’m enjoying this theme. Thanks for providing it to the community. I’ve just started working with it, and am unable to get my Twitter feed to show up with it. Any specific Twitter widgets you recommend? I’m a print designer, so don’t have much savvy with web layouts. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks.

  • I’ve started having some problems with my widgets. I can’t add any new ones as when I try to drag them to the sidebar they span the whole screen and can’t be dragged. Also if I move a widget within the side bar it repeats itself 3 or 4 times on the webpage, then when I try to delete one it deletes all of them.

    This is only a recent thing and I haven’t updated to the new wordpress yet or made any other changes to the template. Any suggestions?

  • Alex,

    I just switched over to your theme and I love the look. I’ve never done ads before. I have tried to get an ad into the 468×60 banner space and I’m having no luck. Can you explain in simple terms how to get the ad image into your banner space that you provide for “Simple Balance 2.1”? Thanks.


  • Hi..

    Currently my configuration is main-sidebar-sidebar. May I know how can I disable the left sidebar & have all the modules like Subscribe to RSS, Archieves moved to right sidebar ?


  • @Phil McMillan: Upload the banner file somewhere online, either via FTP, or WP’s “Media” section. After that, copy the image’s URL and that’s what you have to paste in the source URL box. The target URL is where you want it to point to.

    @JJJ2: None of the sidebars can be disabled. It’s a 3 column-strict theme.

  • Alex,

    Thanks for help on my previous question. Now, I need to know how to add “Articles” to my top menu to go with “Home” and “About” –

    I have read some info on it but I cannot get it to show up. Thanks.


  • First of all, I love this theme. It is really simple to use and it is not too flashy…

    I’m having some problems, which I think might be my fault, but after after scouring the WordPress Help Forums…I am still stuck.

    In IE7, the right hand column is dropping down below my content. In Firefox, it looks fine. I’ve check the tags, double checked my image sizes, removed some plug-ins. I am still having problems and it is driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated πŸ™‚

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks so much for the theme! I love it!

    My question is this: As of right now all of my ads are google adsense. So, when I’m on my homepage I can see the topads of google adsense and the left ads of google adsense (which I implemented through a widget I believe) and then the right side of google adsense.

    But, if I click on the about this blog page or the contact us page there is NO google adsense. I get a PSA at the top of both pages, but I don’t know how to get my REAL google adsense on both of those other pages.

    Any ideas?



  • I need to remove the “Continue reading … title” part. I think the “Read Post” would be enough. I try to remove some codes from index.php but always fail. Which code should I remove from index.php? Thanks a lot, Alex. Very nice theme though….

  • Hey Alex,

    Great theme, I’ve tried a few so far and yours blows them all out of the water.

    I was wondering if there was a way to shrink the RSS feed image (bg-rss.gif) in half. I’ve played with the css file and I’ve managed to get half of the image not to display and I’ve also managed to reduce the text area so it is on two lines, but I haven’t been able to shrink the whole image.

    Also, I thought you might be interested in this rating of the theme (
    They give your theme a failing grade for support, which I think might not be accurate.

    Thanks for your time,



  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for creating a wonderful theme for some customisation!

    I’m wondering is there anyway to add a background to the Featured Post to make it more prominent?




  • Just a weird question — I have version 2.2 and I have no other color choices but the default one. Confused about what I did wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi, i just install this awesome theme and i’ve got this error in header:

    Warning: Parameter 1 to update_comment_type_cache() expected to be a reference, value given in Bla/Bla/Bla/wp-includesplugin.php on line 166

    Any help pls…
    Tks in advance.

  • @Lisa:

    It seems there’s a conflict in some of the latest PHP versions (5.3.0 ?). Unfortunately I have no way of testing the theory but if anyone who reads this and can, it would be very helpful…

  • Hello, am having the same problem as Ginake.

    ” Hi, i just install this awesome theme and i’ve got this error in header:

    Warning: Parameter 1 to update_comment_type_cache() expected to be a reference, value given in Bla/Bla/Bla/wp-includesplugin.php on line 166

    Any help pls…
    Tks in advance. ”

    Really like your theme and want it to be working.

  • Hello,

    New to blogging and I can’t figure out how to “start”. I wan to host the blog on my own domain and I already have server space.

    Could anybody help me out, even just a quick “hint” at how to proceed. What do I need in addition to this template to make it work? Any software, any subscription?



  • St_Augustine says:

    I have WP 2.8.6 installed but am having problems with the posts displaying – both on my dashboard and on my site when Simple Balance 2.2 is used as the theme. It shows me how many posts I have but when I click on posts it says “no posts shown” – this is the same on the site. If I change the theme to something else like the default – the posts and shown in dashboard and on the site.

    Can you help?

  • @Adil, I’ve explained earlier that there’s a conflict in a certain PHP release. Without being able to recreate the environment of the error, it’s impossible to track it. Sorry!

    @St_Augustine: Theme has been tested on 2.8.6 (it’s currently running on 2.8.6 fine on the demo). Could be either a plugin conflict with the theme files, or something you might have edited in the theme files (?). Anyway, if you just tell me that something happens without even giving a link to the site it’s fairly impossible for me to guess. I don’t have a crystal ball my friend.

  • Thanks Alex – I didn’t post a link because all it would show you currently is the default template with my current posts – and would not show you the issue, since I removed your SB template to test out where the issue lies

  • P.S. I have not edited anything in the theme files since this is a fresh install. The only plugins I have are stats, akismet & clean archives reloaded

  • Hello. I want to make it so that the site dimensions are wider. Is there a way I can increase the page size completely or will I have to go to every “width:” statement and change the sizes?

  • @St_Augustine: From the looks of it I think you might have a problem with the permalink structure. Try to use the original /p=Number structure and see if that works, then redefine your permalinks and see if anything changes.

    @Candace: Since there are related widths in the theme CSS you’d have to go through a bunch of them and adjust accordingly. Although I wouldn’t suggest it. The theme is designed for a 1024 screen resolution which is quite common. Increasing it would take your site out of the “common” range.

  • Well, Alex, I tried what you suggested as I thought it may be related to permalinks – no luck. I have now deleted everything including databases etc and done a fresh install from scratch with WP. Did not add anything except Simple Balance – changed the theme from classic to SB and the same problem. The only post was the “hello world” which disappeared as soon as SB was activated. I can’t figure it out. Guess it means SB will not be my template from now on πŸ™

  • I’m sorry man, really. It’s hard to approach certain errors without being able to test things yourself. There are things that happen due to certain element of the installation environment. Really sorry, and good luck finding a theme that suits you! As I said, and you can see for yourself on the demo server, it works fine on the latest release of WP, so I cannot point exactly what can cause your installation to crash.

  • Thank you for your quick reply. Alright one more.

    I moved the searchform using a absoulte positioning [top and left] and I wanted to know if you [or anyone else] knew how to make it stay put, no matter the screen rez.

  • First of all, brilliant theme! Love the easy customization πŸ™‚

    Got a quick question, each of my blog posts contain a photo at the top. On the front page I can only see the image on the 1st post while images from subsequent posts are missing. Is there a way to solve this?

  • The theme is great, I appreciate your work. I was wondering if it would be possible to change the colors on the front-end? So the users would be able to change the color of the blog.

  • Hi Alex, Simple Balance is a great theme and I have a question: how to add to every article a “Written by ” afer “Posted on ” ? Thank you

  • Hi Alex,

    Its cool and nice theme, it is possible to display posts with images in the home page along with excerpt content?

    If so please let me know how to do it

  • Hey Alex [or anyone else],

    I seem to have changed the settings of the theme. It is no longer centered on the webpage but the site is aligned to the left. I can’t find what code I may have deleted or changed.

    Any suggestions?

  • kotyar: You’ll just have to edit the theme files and replace: the_excerpt() with the_content() WP tags, and then using the “more” tag inside your articles to limit the output. This is some sort of PRO work, so if you’re no familiar with it, I’d suggest having someone with some WP knowledge to do it for you.

    In regards to the centering, you probably edited the CSS file, removing the “auto” setting on the margins of either body or #wrap definitions.

    For the background of the tags area, some css on their container class would do, scan the HTML and then edit the CSS accordingly.

  • Guys, I’m sorry to announce this, but my schedule is no longer allowing me to offer support for Simple Balance, either in the form of updates, or help through comments.

    Please forgive me if you are still looking for help or if you come here to get answers. I’m sure that for a really moderate fee (or no fee at all) there are people out there willing to help.

    To prevent people no reading this announcement and posting questions that might not get answered, I will close the comments on this post. Thank you for your understanding, and using Simple Balance!

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