Thesis Premium WordPress ThemeLet me start off by saying that I’m not easily impressed by the huge number of “premium WordPress themes” out there. Sure, some of them are really good looking, but in terms of customization, most lack that something that would make me say: “OK, this one I can easily adjust to my needs!

It seems that almost every premium theme out there focuses to much on delivering a top-notch design, that would make it hard to non design-savvy people to tweak to their own liking. This is where the new Thesis 1.5 theme makes a huge difference.

Options galore

With the huge amount of work I have to deal with daily, designing one of my non-profit blogs would take too much time that I could invest in client work or in Blogsessive. So, I’ve decided to give Thesis a spin for this future blog and I instantly fell in love with the options panel.

Those of you that have tested my Simple Balance theme know that I have a thing for easy layout customization and enough options to cover basically every need people might have.

Well, for the $87 personal license or $164 developer license, Thesis takes this customization to a whole new realm with:

  • SEO settings;
  • Layout settings: number of columns, position of columns, width of columns;
  • Layout styles: Classic blog layout, magazine style layout;
  • Typography settings: You can easily adjust the fonts used by almost every important element on your blog;
  • Expert, clean written HTML, CSS, PHP code;
  • And many more amazingly useful options.

Check out this 12 minute video by its creator – Chris Pearson – and see for yourself what awaits you inside the administration panel.

Working the magic

It’s no wonder that famous bloggers chose Thesis for their main or side projects. Here are some samples of what can be achieved with Thesis:

  • Brian Clark’s Copyblogger
  • Darren Rowse’s TwitTip
  • Chris Brogan’s blog
  • and one of my favorites, Blogussion’s recent Thesis redesign by Alex Fraiser.

I for one can’t wait to find that bit of free time to setup Thesis on my side blog. I feel like a kid getting a brand new shiny toy!

So, if you need a really premium WordPress theme that is guaranteed to do the job, you’d better get Thesis version 1.5. Worth every penny!

Disclaimer:This is not a sponsored post. The above post contains affiliate links. I would never use affiliate links or recommend products or services that I do not believe in, so rest assured that the above is my true opinion about Thesis.

12 comments on “Thesis 1.5 – A Premium Theme Worth Every Penny

  • Interesting to see you voting for Thesis, considering you make themes of your own.

    I have yet to see a negative review for Thesis so I guess it must be one of the better premium themes. I really wanted to use it on my food website but don’t have the budget currently to invest on a high priced premium theme. I wish they offered a free or low priced lite version to try it out (Like the theme I finally ended up using – Mimbo 3.0)

    The only other problem with Thesis is that it seems to contain a lot of white space in important locations in its design (which is fine for most blogs but not if you need a lot of content at first glance)

    Do keep us posted on how it works for you. I think you have done a great job with the Blogsessive design and it would be good to see how you use Thesis.

    Btw, do you have a subscribe to comments check box here or does it subscribe automatically?

  • kunal, you can subscribe to the feed of this post’s comments. There’s no email subscription available for now, but I will consider it for the future. I’m actually looking into maybe doing a redesign of Blogsessive soon.

    In regards to Thesis… Yes, I do make themes of my own, but this should not stop me from recommending a good product that other people have created. The “Simple Balance” theme is offered for free, so there’s no conflict here. Also, the themes I create via my design studio are 100% custom themes that don’t rely on premium themes. So, once again, no conflict.

    The whitespace in Thesis can be eliminated by adding widgets, custom designed RSS boxes, search boxes, switching to a 2 column layout and so on. As for the price, is indeed a bit higher than most other premium themes, but it pays off in terms of usability, functionality and looks.

  • I have to agree with you, it really is worth every penny. I had the opportunity of modding it for a client and i was amazed on the back end it has. Really nice work. I knew the dude from personified had talent in his bones.

  • I like thesis but it’s not my top choice. My latest love is for the free theme thematic 🙂 I linked to my site that I have using it here, so very happy with it 🙂 At first I thought thematic was too hard to use, but after taking some time to understand it, it’s such a nice way of doing things.

  • Unfortunately, it’s not worth every penny. The theme is not for newbies and it’s support is horrible. The support consists of a support forum where you get iffy answers to problems, if any. There is no standalone support. Don’t try emailing or asking Chris, you probably won’t get an answer. Plus they’ll tell you you need to go to the forum for an answer. If you pay that much money they should at least have basic technical support. I wouldn’t recommend the thesis theme until they improve customer support. There are lower cost no cost themes out there that are better and provide real support, instead of shoving it off on a forum.

  • I moved my blog to thesis few months back and I am very happy man since then. The theme is worth the money.Last week I upgraded it to Thesis 1.5 and its amazing.Thesis uses something called Hooks which is amazing. The thesis forum is really good because the people down there are helpul if you have any problems or need any tweaking with the them 🙂 but the can still improve their customer support.


  • The Thesis theme is great, but with the understanding that if you want it to look less out of the box and more customized, you have to go further than the options panels and move into learning about hooks and functions coding. I wrote about it in an article, Getting Started with Thesis + Resources, because I bought the theme thinking it was a simple, but found out it took a bit more tweaking to make it work like I wanted. The resources include articles explaining the hooks and functions needed for customization.

    ~ Kristi

  • The support consists of a support forum where you get iffy answers to problems, if any. There is no standalone support. Don’t try emailing or asking Chris, you probably won’t get an answer. Plus they’ll tell you you need to go to the forum for an answer.

  • Dear Jillian/ thesis;

    I just came by here, to this Thesis 1.5 ‘blog, hoping i might find a free/ lite version this day. And i am led to ask one simple question of you. Did you ever try using the forum?

    The beauty of a forum, for me anyway working w/ my ADD addled brain, is that it is NOT a real time conversation. I can leave it, do something else, and return to it again the next day; just like i’m about to do with my Socialgo site, where i have a helpful answer waiting for me in my inbox (and i’m confident their answer will be helpful from my own previous experience – their servers and support staff are in the UK – those ‘blokes’ can be courteous to a fault).

  • I’m contemplating getting purchasing Thesis. Right now I use Atahualpa for all sites I am involved with. For me, I still have to hack the code to do what I want. I’m trying to figure out if its worth it to plunk down the money for this. Alot of the ‘reviews’ out there are nothing more thin affiliate sites and not really an honest review.

    Thanks for your help!


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