After posting the Latest Posts by Category Archive tutorial, I’ve received requests to transform the code into a WordPress plugin.

Update: Version 1.2 has been released. Read about the changes below, in the “Version History” section.

Latest Posts by Category Archive WP Plugin

The Features of ‘Latest Posts by Category Archive’ WP Plugin

Here’s the list of features currently available:

  • Can be used via hard-coding inside page templates;
  • Can be used as a widget in your widget-ready areas;
  • Can be used via shortcodes inside pages’ or posts’ content;
  • Can be used either inside or outside the loop;
  • Can limit the archive to certain categories, or exclude certain categories;
  • Can display or hide post dates;
  • Can display or hide post excerpts and adjust their length in words;
  • Can set the number of listed post from 1 to ‘all’.

Version history

Version 1.2

  • The plugin is now available as a widget for your blog’s widget ready areas;
  • The widget’s output can be easily customized using a few newly added CSS classes. Information about the widget is available in the plugin documentation, which is also included in the download package;
  • Fixed the dashboard area that notifies WP 2.7+ users on the latest plugin version available.

Version 1.1

  • Added option to display post dates;
  • Added dashboard widget for plugin version tracking (Only available for WP 2.7+ users).


The plugin documentation is available for download in PDF format: [download#5]

For further information and plugin updates, please refer to this page, as it will be edited with further improvements.

Live demo

The following list has been generated by the use of the next shortcode within this post’s content:

[lpbc posts="3" categories="1,3,23" more="Archive of %name%"]

[lpbc posts=”3″ categories=”1,3,23″ more=”Archive of %name%”]

Enjoy the plugin!

168 comments on “WP Plugin: Latest Posts by Category Archive

  • Great plugin. It’s perfect for better indexing of new articles.
    It has its own pros and cons like “Related articles” plugin, but combination between these two plugins will improve your ranking 😉

    Thanks for sharing with us 😉

  • Is it possible to configure this plugin so it displays the cat archive in a sidebar and correlates with the individual page displayed.

    For example, a single post from the cat “Dogs” is displayed and the sidebar would have x number of post titles from the same category.

    If a post from the cat “Snakes” were then displayed the sidebar would have a listing of the “Snakes’ archive.

  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function: strip_shortcodes() in /usr/www/users/africaxxnp/corporate/wp-content/plugins/lpbc-archive/lpbc-archive.php on line 143

    Cud u plse offer any advice?

  • Simon, if I not wrong, you’re using an older WP version, 2.3 or below, and that’s why this happens. The best thing would be to simple upgrade your installation, not only to make this plugin work but mostly because since 2.3 a lot of security issues have been fixed.

    If you decide not to upgrade, there’s a small hack you could use, but this only ensure that you don’t get the error, not that you actually strip the short codes.

    Open the lpbc-archive.php file and scroll down to the last lines.

    Paste this:

    if (!function_exists('strip_shortcodes')) {
    	function strip_shortcodes($content) {
    		return $content;


  • Mike, currently, the only way to add a date is to edit the output in the plugin’s source file. Obviously it’s not recommended since it will be overwritten at the next plugin update.

    But, speaking of updates, I’ll consider introducing the option of displaying post dates.

  • Thanks for such a great plugin! Just what I needed! =)

    I’m having one problem though that I hope you can help me with. When I include [lpbc] in my page- it works fine, but when I try something like:

    [lpbc posts=”5″ categories=”557″ more=”Archive of %name%”]

    …I get no posts displayed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! =)

  • Alex,
    Ooops! I’m an idiot. You’re absolutely right- I was using using a non-existent category ID. Thanks for the quick reply and help! =)

  • Hmmm…sorry to bug you again, Alex- but it’s actually still not working. I’m having the same trouble I did before with 2 different category IDs that I know exist. The code for Cat #557 is still working, but when I enter the following in a new post:

    [lpbc posts=”10″ categories=”626,627″ more=”Archive of %name%”]

    …or just one or the other ID, I get nothing. When looking at the page source I get the following:

    Strangly enough, when I re-enter (which I know still works on another page):
    [lpbc posts=”5″ categories=”557″ more=”Archive of %name%”] it does not work on the new pages I’m trying to create either.

    Appreciate your time and help with this. =)

  • Alex, after further investigation, it appears that I only have a problem displaying categories with fewer than 1 or 2 posts. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Phil v. Sassen, I’m sorry but this plugin is not intended to be a “most popular” posts plugin. It is only a categorized archive of the most recent posts.

    Johan Nilsson, you are welcome. Enjoy the plugin!

  • Alex, any luck in figuring out what the problem might be with displaying categories with fewer than 1 or 2 posts? Appreciate your time and help. =)

  • Will, I’m really sorry but I cannot figure out what is wrong, if there is anything wrong. I’m questioning this only because I’ve tested the plugin again and again with newly created categories, empty categories, categories with 1 ore to posts, and more posts.

    Empty categories are by default not displayed, but categories with 1+ posts are displayed fine.

    Sorry, but without local server access I cannot find out specifically what could cause this problem in your case. 🙁

  • Kol Tregaskes, I’m sorry but currently it does not display photos and I don’t plan to include such a feature. Spacing between posts can be set by adjusting the CSS settings as explained in the help files. There are some classes you could use in order to style your archive.

  • Wow, this looks like a great plugin but I am confused. I did read the docs.

    I have a food blog and many blog posts in two different categories: Chicken and Fish.

    I want to use this plugin to show the last 5 posts in the Chicken category and then use it again to show the last 5 posts in the Fish category and I want these to show up in the sidebar.

    I installed and activated the plugin but I am not sure what to do next. Can I add a text widget and put code in there to make it work? If so, what code what it be?

    Thanks so much!

  • I have used quite a few plugins, but this one is simply fantastic. Not only does it show the category archive according to latest posts, its free too 🙂

  • Hello, is there currently a way to include child categories? I’ve looked through the documentation, sorry if I missed it!

    Thanks so much.

  • I am having trouble displaying separate categories using shortcode. I am using permalinks… when I enter the category number nothing comes up – when I enter the permalink name for the category, all categories are displayed instead of just the one.

    [lpbc posts=”3″ categories=”3″ excerpts=”true” length=”20″ more=”Archive of %name%”]

    [lpbc posts=”3″ categories=”Latest News” excerpts=”true” length=”20″ more=”Archive of %name%”]

    Any help is greatly appreciated…
    Rich V

  • Update: To show child categories too, I deleted this statement from the query, near line 105 in lpbc-archive.php:

    AND wtaxonomy.parent = 0

    If you use the widget you’ll have to adjust the according query for the widget too.

    Mind you; after an update you would have to repeat this, so it’s not ideal.

  • Amanda, Tibor has pointed out to a good solution until the next plugin version will be released.

    Version 1.3 will include option to display either only top categories, or all categories.

    The reason I implemented only the top level categories is to reduce the risk of having duplicate links for posts added to both top and sub categories. It might look like link spam to certain engines. But if you people need it, I can only warn you about it and let you decide whether you use it or not.

    Rich Vernetti In the categories attribute you need to enter the IDs of the categories you need displayed. Not names or slugs. Make sure you have a category with the ID=3, and also, make sure it’s a top level category. If it’s the subcategory of another it won’t be displayed. Currently, the plugin only works for top level categories.

    Version 1.3 will come out sometime next week and will include translations in a few foreign languages and the top/all level categories switch.

  • Is there a method for formatting the date in this plugin? I have sifted through the php and cannot get it to display the date other than YYYY-MM-DD, whereas I would like it to display the date in the WordPress format -> the_time(‘l, F jS, Y’).

  • Is there a way to change the color, size and font of the text? Would be cool if it was built into the widget.

    Thanks in advance!

    Russell =)

  • Thanks for a great plugin.

    I’ve come across a problem that I couldn’t solve on my own.

    When you publish posts from drafts you’ve written & updated over a lengthy period, it seems that the plugin pulls the date from the 1st draft for its lists. That way the freshly published post doesn’t appear at the top of list for latest posts. The posts show up in right order in category pages & on the front page.

    Any ideas how to solve this? Have I missed something?

    I’m using the plugin via hard-coding inside page templates.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the plugin. Is it possible to sort the categories by the order you type them in, rather than the numerical order?

    For instance, if I choose category IDs 10,9,8, there are displayed in the order 8,9,10.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Get this error message in the admin/widget area :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function:

    strip_shortcodes() in /home/******/public_html/family/wp-content/plugins/lpbc-archive/lpbc-archive.php on line 313

    … using WP 2.5

    Any ideas?

  • Is there a way to use this widget more than once. I have a plugin that displays a specific widget on specific pages, and I need different posts lists on different pages.

    Do you think that is possible?


  • Hey Guys!
    I need your help.
    How can I change the dateform to “d.m.Y”?

    Sorry bad engl., but I hope you can understand me…


  • Peter, with some PHP knowledge you could edit the lpbc-archive.php files to modify the output yourself.

    There are two places that need editing. One handles the in-post output, the other handles the widget output. If you search for -> if ($date == true) <- without the arrows you find both entries. Good luck.

  • Sorry Alex, but I don’t know what I have to edit and how it goes…
    What things I have to add?


  • Dale Jacobs says:

    Thanks for the word on this plugin, its great!

    I am trying to change how it works a bit to display the order by a set Category order, instead of by the latest post ID.

    Is that something that is possible? I also use My Category Order for my menus and other places I want My Order to work… Was trying to combine functions from both plugins with no luck.

    any advice would be appreciated!


    Dale Jacobs

  • It seems like the sort order is set by the date when the post latest were changed.
    Is there a way to get the plugin to sort the posts after published date, instead?

  • OK.
    Now I see!
    The sort order is set by PostID, not changed date.
    My question still remains:
    Is there a way to get the plugin to sort the posts after published date, instead?

  • Thanks for a great plugin. I’m running WP 2.8. Unforunately, I’ve tried both widget and in template () and nothing appears.

    No errors present in error_logs. I have plenty of cats and subcats with posts in all.

    Thanks for any help?

  • Guys, did you look at the end of the post? Do you see the list of posts extracted there?
    Well, Blogsessive is running on 2.8, and so, the plugin runs on 2.8.

    Don’t blame the plugin or the WordPress version, most times these things happen due to conflicts with other plugins or themes that are not that well written/coded/updated.

    The LPBC plugin does not use version-specific coding, so it’s not affected by the latest WP update.

  • I have a newswire site with columns for each news category (headlines, fashion, food, events) and would like to use this in my sidebar. however, is it possible to include the gravatar and name of the author in the display along with the post titles? how could i incorporate this into the plugin? thanks

  • Is there a way in the code snipped version to NOT display the category URL? I’d just like a list of the posts alone – the page title is my Category Name.

  • Of Course! Use it like this:
    [catlist ID=9 orderby=title order=asc numberposts=-1]
    Displays ALL post in category ID 9, ordered by title (A-Z)
    I use that on my site.

  • Hi! thanks for the great plugin.
    I have a problem.
    I wanna show only the name of the lastest 7 posts on the category 134.
    I only get to show a the category name. Can you helpme pleace?

    The code that I’m using is

    lpbc(‘categories=134&posts=7&more=Archive of %name%’);

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello, really great plugin, I love it.
    But is it possible to show only posts from childcategories? Also in the widget I only have a chance to select categories without childcategories.

  • great plug-in! i’ve been able to adjust the date function to my liking by changing this line:

    $thedate = ‘ – ‘.apply_filters(‘the_date’,substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10)).”;

    to this:

    $thedate = ”.$postinfo->post_date = date(“F Y”,strtotime($postinfo->post_date)).”;

    Seems to be working–any thing I should know about the necessity of using the apply_filters function?

    Also, would love to use this as multiple widgets, instead of just once. Any chance that will be implemented?

    Thanks again!

  • Very helpful plugin! Thanks! I actually changed it so that it would do the post alphabetized. Now if there were only a way to put the letters between each section (i.e.- A,B,C) that would make my day

  • Hi

    Thanks for the excellent plugin.

    I find that the text returned by this -> “more=”Archive of %name%” is like just another post link with the same unordered list styling. It looks like another post. I want that link to more posts of that category to stand out differently.

    Please tell me how to style it differently.

    Hope I have made myself clear.



  • Great plugin. One question though cant get it to dynamically use a category using


    where agent_category is a variable I set and know is populated. Someone please advise.


  • I configured this plugin to display a single post (The latest ) from the category “Latest”, which I created in my WordPress category list.

    The php I used for doing so, having installed and activated the plugin, was as follows: –

    The big idea was, having set everything up in this way; all that remains is to assign every new post to the category “Latest”, in addition to any others as required: This will cause the plugin to auto-display a 160-word excerpt from the latest post thus categorised, following a title-link, on the home page, following which it will display the “More recent posts” link, which will display excerpts of and links to all other posts currently in the category “Latest”.

    …But there was a snag: –

    I’m not sure why, but I think the plugin may have been caching earlier post entries in the database, which caused it to exceed its maximum allocated memory quota. It was displaying the excerpt from yesterday’s post when another new post had auto-published today as scheduled.

    I found that clearing the category “latest” of all but the latest post remedied the situation, and it’s now displaying an excerpt from today’s post.

    I’m not really proficient with php; which is why I’m submitting this as a comment, in the hope that it’ll aid performance in the next version, and notify if there’s a bug.

  • Hey Alex,

    Great Plugin and features. EXACTLY what I needed. EXACTLY !!!

    Im running a Membership site that uses WP WishList Member as a membership management tool .. and i needed a plugin that works with it properly to display posts by category that only lists the posts that members have priveleges to view..

    Other plugins ive tried just listed EVERY post whether my members were priveleged to view or not..

    This plugin Fixes That 100% … where do I paypal ? 😉
    Sweet stuff..


    Jamie Dunne

  • hi it is great plugin,
    i want to display post with excerpt with image
    i used code [lpbc posts=”5″ categories=”4″ more=”more>>”]
    will u tell how is this posible

  • Is there a way to easily order the posts by publish date instead of ID?

    I have a blog I’m using for a social media press center. I’m loading in the press releases and back dating them to match when the press release was released. The problem is the LPBC plugin orders them by the ID and not the pub date. So they are listed by the order I dropped them into the admin and not by the publish date I assigned them.

    I would like to change this so that they are latest from most recent to oldest by pub date.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • This plugin is AWESOME! Looks like a few people here were looking for the same thing and I agree, it does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do. Got it working in my sidebar. I styled my sidebar using the before_widget and after_widget in my themes functions.php, to create blocks around each widget. I dont know enough about php to understand why this didnt pick that up, but I was able (somehow) to code my styles into your php file. It looks so great i could hug you! Nice and tidy and hiding the categories I dont want! Havent tried the short code in posts and pages, but the possibilities seem endless. thank you thank you thank you. WordPress should hire you to build this in.

  • Hi. The plugin is working great for me. Just one question. Is there any way I can modify the php code to include a post’s image in the output?

  • I have managed to alter the code in lpbc-archive.php so that the output shows an image (the first image that appears in the original post). The code I have added is inbetween the —— lines. (above and below these lines shows the placing of the code in lpbc-archive.php).

    if (isset($excerpts) && $excerpts==true)


    $getimage = preg_match_all(‘//i’, $postinfo->post_content, $matches);
    $getimage = $matches [1] [0];
    $image = “”;
    $output .=”.$image.”;


    $output .=”.$excerpt.”;

    $output .= ”;

    I’m not good at php, so don’t know if this is all correct, but it seems to work for me…so far! 🙂

  • sorry, that wont work for anyone, for some reason the html elements I added within the php code have been stripped out when I posted my comment. Won’t work without those I’m afraid.

  • Hi there,
    loving this plugin and using it extensively. I like being able to display dates, but I didn’t like how the date format was YYYY-MM-DD.

    Here’s my adjustment to get the plugin to follow the date format specified in the general settings of wordpress (starting at line 129)

    if ($date == true) {
    $mydate = substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10);
    $myformat = get_option(‘date_format’);
    $prettydate = date($myformat,strtotime($mydate));
    $thedate = ”.apply_filters(‘the_date’,$prettydate).”;

  • Maybe I missed the documentation, but I read thru all the comments and still I haven’t found out how to edit the styling to display categories. I tried editing lpbc-archive.css but it didn’t work. I want to be able to set the padding, the margin and more… I don’t like the default padding. Any helps will be appreciated and sorry for my english.


  • The plugin does not list any categories except Uncategorized. Any reason? I am using it in a widget on the home page.

    – Rahul

  • Andrea Kalli says:

    I’m bummed. The plugin widget doesn’t display any categories for me to select. Thought maybe it was in conflict with WishList member plugin, but someone else commented he has it working on his Wishlist site.

  • Andrea Kalli says:

    In addition to my last comment…

    The plugin works on my other sites, so I can only imagine there is a conflict with either my theme or another plugin for the site I really want this on.

    Oh well…


  • This is great, but I would like to alter it so I can drag it to multiple widget ready areas. I would like to do this so that I could have the most recent entry for categories a,b,c in three side by side boxes. Do you have an idea of how to go about this?

  • Nice plugin. What I’m unsure about is how it sorts the categories by default. I’m wanting to sort them alphabetically but am unsure how to do it. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

  • Hey Canton Becker – would it be possible for you to paste that code somewhere so that the formatting is correct? I’m not a php programmer and am not quite sure which characters are wrong. I’ve replaced the curly quotation marks with straight ones, and it’s nearly working – I’m getting the pretty dates but also showing some code like this on the page:

    apply_filters(‘the_date’,1 March, 2010).

    I’d really appreciate it, I’m so close to getting it right but am stumped!

    thanks! 🙂

  • I got a fix for the date format issue from Vidhill ( if anyone else needs it:

    Basically replace this:

    if ($date == true) {
    $thedate = ‘ –


    with this:
    if ($date == true) {
    $mydate = substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10);
    $myformat = get_option(‘date_format’);
    $thedate = date($myformat,strtotime($mydate));

  • Hi there,

    This plugin has saved my life, except for one thing: I want to change the date format from displaying like “2010-04-19” to “19” or “19th April 2010”

    Is this able to be done?

    I believe the code that needs to be altered is this:
    foreach($postQuery as $postinfo):
    $thedate = “”;
    if ($date == true) {
    $thedate = ”.apply_filters(‘the_date’,substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10)).”;

  • Was interested to know if there is a way to order the categories? I thought if I put the category Ids in the order I wanted, that would work but it doesn’t. I don’t see anything in the documentation about this.

  • Can someone guide me to a change in the code so that I get an option to show / hide the category descriptions too. The plugin does the perfect job it’s just that the category descriptions if added this plugin can be really used in a lot better way. Thanks for the plugin . Help please.


  • If you want to change the sort by id to date

    goto line 123 of the lpbc-archive.php file and change from

    $postQuery = get_posts(‘order=DESC&orderby=ID’.$limit.’&category=’.$category->term_id);


    $postQuery = get_posts(‘order=DESC&orderby=DATE’.$limit.’&category=’.$category->term_id);

    notice all that’s changed is the ID to DATE

  • Thanks Alex, I’m a newbie one about how to monetize wordpress theme, your plugin is very useful because my personal blog didn’t have the latest post block. So I can use your plugin to make my personal blog useful too.

  • Jarl Flaaten Bjørk says:

    Nice plugin!!, but I have a problem.

    I can’t get the length of the excerpt adjusted and it doesn’t default to 30 words either. And I can’t see that I use any custum exerpt.

    I run the wp3.0 installation i norwegian and this is the code I use in my template:

    Any idea why it doesn’t cut the excerpt down to 10 words?

  • I don’t see any mention of a license anywhere in the docs or code. Is it the authors intention to release this as Public Domain, GPL, or under some other terms?

  • hello, I’m very happy about your plugin.
    Thank you for the good work.

    Using the widget output I realized a little misstake in your code. To get the real excerpt of the post you’ve to change line 235 from

    if ( empty($post->post_excerpt) )
    if ( empty($postinfo->post_excerpt) )

    That’s all, thanks.

  • is there a way to control the order of the main categories on the page. i would like to be able to specify the order in which the categories are listed. thanks.

  • Hey Alex,

    I’m running a Woohoo Theme (Aperture) that has a slider that runs as many as 10 latest posts but from ALL or ONLY 1 category. Is there a way I can configure your plug-in to work within their PHP pages so that instead of selecting the last 10 from ALL, I can select the LATEST from EACH?

    Thanks sooooo much!


  • If you want to order the categories, change the end of line 105 from:
    …AND wtaxonomy.count > 0″.$excludeQuery.$includeQuery);
    AND wtaxonomy.count > 0″.$excludeQuery.$includeQuery.” ORDER BY name”);
    enjoy! 🙂

  • This may sound really dumb (sorry.. 😉

    Is there a way to remove the “.” (dot) that appears in front of the title of the Widget?

    When I place the widget in the footer of my page it appears as:

    .Latest Post by Category

    Would love it to just be

    Latest Post by Category


  • Thanks for this plugin – really appreciate it.

    Still I have the same issue with the date display a few other users mentioned above. I read all the comments and suggestions from jean and Canton Becker – still it does not work for me. Nothing is displayed instead. Can someone help pls.


  • ImpatientPerson says:

    @Alex, Blogsessive:

    Any idea when this mysterious ‘sometime nextweek’ might actually ever happen?

    Been 15 months so far.. I knew time was relative, but that’s a little overboard. lol

  • I just found this blog while looking for a plugin and here I am looking around.
    I am now back on this page so as to keep this comment in topic..
    I think the “Latest posts by category” plugin would be perfect if it included an option to have little pics next to the title of the post…also this page would be great if you had the “subscribe to comments” thingy so I could come back here to see if you ever updated this plugin with the pic option… but I know I am suggesting a lot, but I don’t expect anything and I thank you for what I have and I thank you greatly for this useful plugin!

  • Is it possible to have multiple instances of this plugin. I have it setup, it works beautifully, but I would like another instance of it on my homepage. How can this be done, as WordPress is only allowing me 1.

  • Fantastic plugin.
    It does exactly what I need.
    I have one problem on my ‘thematic’ theme.
    I am getting […] instead of read more per post.
    Have I missed something in the instructions or do I need to dip into code?
    I have the following applied in my functions.php applied which might be causing conflict?

    function excerpt_ellipse($text) {

    return str_replace(‘[…]’, ‘Read more »‘, $text);


    add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘excerpt_ellipse’);

    Any guidance much appreciated

  • is there a way to change the plugin that would make the plugin work with custom taxonomies?
    (display x or all recent posts sorted by category for the zzz taxonomy).

    i want to create archive pages for a custom taxonomy i created that are sorted the exact way this plugin does it.


  • Thanks for this plug-in! Is doing the trick for me. Just made a tweak to PHP to change orderby to equal ‘date’ instead of ‘ID’ and it now gives my editors the power to override order as needed. Thanks!

  • To match your current time format, as a few examples above didn’t qork for me, here is my solution, thanks to above poster Canton Becker:

    $mydate = substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10);
    $myformat = get_option(‘date_format’);
    $prettydate = date($myformat,strtotime($mydate));
    $thedate = ‘ – ‘.apply_filters(‘the_date’,($prettydate)).”;

  • How to call into a theme? i want show it in my homepage below the content area, not in the sidebar or in the post/page

  • @Cactus, you might want to check the tutorial linked in the beginning of this post.

    @MDS, if you look closely at the end of the post there’s a “live demo” of the plugin which works perfectly, so the answer is “Yes, it works.”

  • Great Plugin!
    But, one question:
    Is it right that it dosen’t show “private” posts? Ok, when you are not logged in it’s right. But when you are logged in, shouldn’t it show the private ones too?

  • Hi, congratulations for the plugin.
    I have a question.
    if I wanted to see also the author of the post?
    how can I do?
    thanks again

  • Exactly what I needed.
    The only thing that could be better is that I only can add one widget. I would like to have this widget in more sidebars, but once added it disapears from the list of avalible widgets. This is the only plugin which widget I know of that only can be used at one place at the time. Could be wort fixing if you ever decide to update it.

  • Hi All,

    first of all i am not really PHP expert.

    I am working on a blog website.

    On home page they are looking for recent post to show up.
    on archive page it should be all the collection.

    I was wondering is there any how i can make categories to get data from recent post (which is on the home page) also same content on the archive.
    Please see:

    Here is how i am thinking of getting post from archive and showing it on home page.

    Please give me any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • This is awesome. It worked perfectly for what we needed to show (via shortcode) a small snippet from the most recent News & Events post.

    Searched high and low and only found widget plugins or PHP template inserts which didn’t help me at all.

    Thank you so much for such a great plugin. Very customizable and very thorough shortcode instructions.

  • I’ve experimented for a couple of hours and finally I have the solution for the conversion of the date in a German date format.

    Basically replace this (somewhere on line 220):

    if ($date == true) {
    $thedate = ”.apply_filters(‘the_date’,substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10)).”;

    with this:

    $thedate = ‘ – ‘.date_i18n( ‘j. F Y’, strtotime( $post->post_date ) );

  • ok.. found another Solution!

    That Works! For dateformat DD.MM.YYYY just replace:

    $thedate = ”.apply_filters(‘the_date’,substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10)).”;

    With this:

    $date = apply_filters(‘the_date’,substr($postinfo->post_date,0,10));
    $thedate = date(“d.m.Y “, strToTime($thedate));

  • Greetings…has there been any movement forward on getting this terrific plugin to work with child/sub categories…? Working great on WP 3.2.1…love the tab widget.


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