WordPress 2.5WordPress 2.5 Stable Release (codename: Brecker) is finally out. And, as that was not enough, WordPress.org just received a brand new look, matching the overall style of the latest release. Don’t be fooled by the “2.5”. If you just take a look at the changes, this can easily be a whole new version!

Amongst the numerous changes done in the past 6 months of work we can see: multiple files uploads, plugin upgrades through one click, built-in gallery system, a whole new customizable dashboard (including stats and widgets), cookie encryption, concurrent editing protection, tag management, media library, a better WYSIWYG, full screen post editor and the search facility extend to also to pages.

WordPress 2.5 is new, is revolutionary and as the developers say:

2.5 is a major milestone for WordPress not because it added dozens of user-requested features, but because it reaffirms that we’re as passionate about blogging as the day we started.

Don’t lose any more time, get your 2.5. Dowload WordPress now.