Link building is a critical part of search engine optimization (SEO), and I’m stoked to get a mention from Single Grain in their blog discussing the ultimate guide to scoring those links. I’m dubbed an SEO expert along with my peers Bruce Clay, Dr. Pete Meyers, and Loren Baker. If you’re looking to make your content work smarter, harder, and faster while also putting some oomph behind your SEO, you need to understand how link building via content works.

Step one is, of course, crafting high quality content that’s linkable. There’s no getting around this and there are no shortcuts. That’s why high quality writers with SEO experience will always be in high demand. Creating this kind of content requires research and proper citations. You can’t just write fluff—you need the numbers to back it up.

Getting expert opinions, especially if it’s a fresh and unique source, is also gold. You might even be able to negotiate link sharing with this expert and/or her business. It’s all about networking! For more tips on link building via content, take a look at the entire article!

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The Ultimate Guide to Link Building with Content-with John Rampton