Freelance writer and blogger Kristi Hines listed my blog post for Forbes, entitled, “Ways Content Marketing is Going to Change in 2015” as #31 on her list of the top 100 blog posts about content marketing that were published in 2015. In that blog post, I noted that there would be an increase in content creation spend, enhanced personalization, improved use of visual content, more access to measurement tools, greater locally focused content, blurred lines between content and social and a rebound in collaborative marketing.

Now that 2015 is behind us, it’s interesting to review these content marketing predictions as they all came true to some degree and will continue to influence content marketing into 2016. Each trend has built credibility for the results that content marketing is capable of producing. In her article, Kristi listed numerous statistics just about the top 100 blog posts on content marketing, including an incredible number of views, which illustrates the power and relevancy of this type of content.

This year, content marketing is predicted to become even more influential, especially in the mobile environment, among influencers, and through video platforms. I look forward to providing further insights about this year’s trends in content marketing.

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