Tonight I am speaking at Startup Socials about how to get PR for your startup.  I will be giving away some of the top secrets that I’ve used over the past couple years to get some of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley listed on the biggest tech sites out there.

If you want to learn how to get PR for your startup, I’ll see you there!

startup socials holiday party with john rampton


Schedule of Event

  • 6:15PM Special speakers arrive
  • 6:30PM Members event begins, open networking and open bar
  • 6:55PM Welcome by Stefanie Chow
  • 7:00PM PR Panel begins
  • 7:30PM Final announcements by Stefanie Chow, networking continues
  • 8:00PM Members event ends, open doors for Holiday Party

I’ll see you at Startup Socials party tonight!


Photos from the event:

John Rampton photo art by Anastasia Bachykala

Drawings by Anastasia Bachykala

John Rampton and Murray Newlands photo art by Anastasia Bachykala


Startup Socials with John Rampton on PR


Startup Socials with Murray Newlands and John Boitnott


Startup Socials with Steve Hoffman