I was reading ShoeMoney’s post – SEO Has No Future – the other day and I really felt the need to express my views on the matter, and since I have enough to say, I’ll do it in a post, rather than a comment.

ShoeMoney stated clearly that he’s not a professional SEO, and neither am I, but I am certainly a SEO enthusiast. In short, my answer to his statement would be: You’re wrong, and let me tell you why I think so!

I believe in SEO

I really do! Search Engine Optimization has been a very effective way to make our websites and blogs stand out of the crown. Do you know how old is this blog? I’ll tell you. The domain name was registered on March 3rd, this year, and the blog was added about one week later.

For almost a month I did not find enough time to take proper care of its design and SEO elements. I only had some time for writing, which I did. For almost a month, Google kept me on page 32(!) for my targeted keyword, which happens to be a relevant keyword for many of my articles: Blogging Tips.

When I finally took the time to create this theme from scratch, I put all my SEO knowledge into making it search engine friendly. With the help of Uberdose’s All in One SEO Pack plugin, I managed to improve my ranking and SEO score in a matter of days. Yes, days! Going from page 32, to 10, to 6, 5, and currently being in the top results on the second page of the relevant search.

I know second page is not THAT relevant, but for almost two months of existence I think it’s very good. Along with this improvement, Google has become a loyal readers provider for Blogsessive, sending them the right way, according to my keywords, which are relevant to my content. Is this SPAM? Is it spam telling Google what your website, blog, articles are about? I don’t think so!

Spam is here to stay, but I’ll stay longer!

ShoeMoney’s post is based on Matt Cutts’ statement, which he believe is applicable to SEO:

[…]spam is when somebody tries to cheat or take shortcuts so that their Web site shows up higher than it deserves to show up[…]
– Matt Cutts, Google Lead Spam Engineer

Well, applying Matt’s statement about web spam on search engine optimization is a bit too much. Sure, there are websites and blogs that use SEO techniques to manipulate search engines, but at its base, SEO is vital to our blogs when the competition is so big.

Would you say a lighter is wrong, because someone could set a building on fire? Or is a car a wrong thing, because once out there, on the streets, it could kill a child? Isn’t it actually all about the one person holding the lighter, or driving the car? Definitely yes!

Sure we see a lot of spamming blogs show before our own relevant results, and I can guarantee this: They will be around ALWAYS. Not the same ones, they’ll change. Search Engines will ban some, others will come, the anti-spam technology will improve and so will the spamming techniques. It’s a circle. But you know what? While spammers get indexed, then banned, I’m still here. They come and go, while I connect with my readers, while I write my relevant articles and while I receive real link love.

It’s not about SEO’s future. It’s about our future!

Spam has no future. Spam is about the present, because tomorrow, they’ll have to start, again, from the beginning. SEO has been, is, and will be one of my weapons of choice when it comes to exposure. When this blog was nothing, SEO gave a future to my writings.

Do I sound like an evangelist? I’m not. I’m simply an enthusiast.
But enough about my views, tell me where do you stand!?

6 comments on “Is ShoeMoney Right? “SEO Has No Future”?

  • This is a very interesting article. I have read that some believe SEO will no longer exist because sites like Wikipedia and About.com are becoming one-stop places for users to get information on anything.

    I do think SEO has a fututre for a long time.

    Great post.

  • Thanks, indeed SEO has a future, and mostly because SEO, at its core, is not about spamming the search engines, but about relevance, about being organized, having a clean code, writing better, smarter.

    For as long as people will want to improve and better understand the online phenomenon, SEO will have a future.

  • Ah my friend … the SEO is strong within you. Kidding. I agree with you, seo is important, but there are a lot of tips and tricks about seo very few people know of, and still very few apply them. All these tricks are kept secret by all seo masters. Thus seo will definably still exist and will exist. Some hardcore seo tricks even out-rank wikipedia. And that is awesome. May SEO watch over you.

  • SEO has good future ,search engine optimization ( SEO) is depends on techniques which are use to increase SEPRS , SEO definitely brings results in the favor of website ranking.


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