How do you know when you’ve reached the top? When Forbes lists you as one of the top five personal finance experts in the world! Personal finance and entrepreneurship go hand in hand—Forbes knows it, and created a list of the most revered experts around the globe. I’m honored to rank fourth, especially considering the focus on hard work that the article highlights.

Requiring “dedication and smarts,” it’s a vouch that I’m happy to take. After all, it’s the personal finance leaders that are changing how society sees and uses money. There are a few things we all have in common, starting with our eagerness to help. It’s a natural instinct, both in and out of the community. If you want to really make it, you need to step up and offer advice. Mentor, volunteer, and pay it forward whenever you can.

You also need to know how to network—because sometimes that’s all it takes! It’s how you connect, show you’re part of the community, and link up with other influencers.  In fact, networking is something everyone on the list has in common. We’ll all be at FinCon Expo, the money and media conference. Will you?

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How to Make It as a Personal Finance Expert-with John Rampton