It’s been a while since the last link-share post, but, I’ve decided to revive this series and post whenever interesting things happen in the blogosphere. So, here’s what’s new and interesting lately: recently published two excellent blogging related articles. The first one is a great usage guide of magazine style themes, with pros and cons. If you’re looking to start a blog, then, their latest article which is a review of ten blogging platforms will help you make the right decision software wise.

As a more targeted alternative to’s Top 100 Blogs, David Peralty of launched a new top for blogging blogs called Uber Blogs. David promises to update the list weekly and at the moment you can also easily suggest new entries through a simple form at the end of the list. I have a good feeling about this project, congrats David!

“Are you trustworthy?” is what Sonia Simone asks us on She provides an interesting take on probable the single thing that all bloggers have in common, the need to gain the trust of their audience. recently hosted a guest post from Mitch of If you’re looking/hoping to join a blog network, then you should pay attention not to make any of the mistakes nominated in his article: “8 Reasons Why Your Blog Might Not Be Accepted Into an Ad Network”

On, Yuwanda Black publishes a very helpful article for freelance writers, guiding them through the preparations for a busy season.

If you’re a FriendFeed fan, then Jimmy Atkinson of has prepared a list of over 40 apps, widgets and plugins for you to tweak your FriendFeed.

And that’s about all for now, but the series will come back as soon as more interesting articles get published across the blogosphere.

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