Yesterday, Fi (Fantasy Interactive) sent out alpha invitations to their new product, Kontain.

This is one product I’ve signed up and (not very) patiently waited for its launch, as it should be pretty revolutionary in terms of user-friendliness. Basically, it’s the first Flash-based blogging platform open to world wide free public access.

Here’s how the folks at Fi describe Kontain:

Kontain is a free destination for users to media blog and share photos, videos and audio with friends, family, colleagues and even beautiful strangers. The core of each user's experience is media-driven and Kontain takes the everyday concept of blogging to a wider audience by making it easy for users of all demographics to "kontain" and share their life online. Simple enough for Mom and Dad, yet flexible and sophisticated for a web veteran, Kontain aims to be the Internet's premier destination for user-generated content.

The Alpha launch features (which would soon be backed up by a lot more features that are currently under development) as listed on the Kontain website are:

  • Easy to Kontain your life
  • Upload Photos, Videos and Audio
  • Explore Kontain’s most popular
  • Search the media way
  • Personal dashboard
  • Ratings and Popularity
  • Commenting
  • Basic privacy settings

A look into what’s in development shows us high resolution media uploads, galleries and collections, messaging, groups, subscriptions, stats, possibility of having your “kontainer” embedded on other websites, multimedia comments, rich(er) text editing, notes over multimedia and many more features.

Here are a few screenshots to help you familiarize with Kontain:

kontain kontain 2 Kontain 3
Kontain Blog Entry Kontain Blog Media Kontain Blog Photos
Upload Media in Kontain Kontain Sign In New Kontain features
Upcoming Kontain Features

Get your Alpha account!

By the time I’m writing this post, there are still 8.500 accounts available (out of 10.000 a few hours ago) for this Alpha version of Kontain. If you are interested in this service, just go ahead and sign up for a free Kontain account.

My only worry for the time being is the SEO value of this platform and how will Google approach Kontain blogs, but I’m sure that the experience Fi has in the interactive media field will be put to a good use search-engine wise.

Kontain your life!

10 comments on “Kontain – Flash-based Blogging Platform

  • Looks nice, thought of that myself. After you get to test it you will notice these things:

    1. Spkies in the end-users cpu stream. (cpu jumps to 70-90% of it’s capacity for no good reason) and that’s all because of the flash. Same thing happens when using generated flash (like sifr).

    2. Either if the platform uses php to create a xml file wich is read by flash automaticaly (this method does not create spikes), either if they use javascript to generate de flash from db meta settings etc. (wors type creates spikes) it will still be to slow, for response and such.

    These are a few of the problems i’ve encountered when i tried to create a flash wordpress theme. I abandoned it, wasn’t usable but it shore was eye candy. ๐Ÿ˜› Hope kontain will try to do things better then me. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I belive Flash is usually used on a presentation sites with little content and very rare updates just because if you try to generate it with something else it produces high latency. This doesen’t include FLEX, flex uses flash for output but it does stuff in a totally different way ….

    Anyway i’d have to write long article to cover this up.

  • I hate flash websites. They navigate wrong. You can never find what you are looking for.

    Sure they look pretty but they are pretty like beauty pageant contestants. Nice to look at, completely vacant and annoy the hell out of you after about 3 minutes.

  • When you say it is a blogging platform, I thought of it as or But as it appears, it is not. It looks like a social networking site.

    I don’t know anything about flash but the site seems responsive.

    Maybe they will be incorporating other social media like Twitter in it soon.

  • Stefan, it runs pretty smooth on my (really old) PC. I do have a feeling that the devs (Fi) do know their way around Flash Development.

    Bob, not finding what you’re looking for is not a matter of scripting language or development tool, but rather a matter of design, usability testing, navigation systems and so on. Before Macromedia was bought out by Adobe, it had one of the most amazing portal like websites, full Flash and perfectly usable.

    Richie, it is a standard blogging platform, but with built-in social networking elements. I’m sure other will be added too, as this is only an Alpha version. Check out their upcoming features.

    Luca, that’s what this post is about and you got it right. Discovering new technologies.

    For me, as a designer and occasional developer, Kontain is fascinating not in a way that would replace my WP-love, but through the technology involved in its development.

  • Hello, I’m BlogSessive loyal reader.
    Many of my friends don’t have shockwave flash player installed on their computer. So, can They acces this blog platform?
    thanks alot…

  • It’s pretty cool. I’m trying it out and it works fairly smoothly on my laptop. I dunno how well the 250mb will resonate with people who really like to upload videos, though. I guess long vids aren’t really going to be a trend on this site.

  • Wow! Going to go and have a look at this. I’ve had a go at WordPress, Ning, and a lot of other blogging platforms but a flash one should be interesting, especially from an SEO perspective.


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