Even with the latest WordPress release – 2.5 – we still need to make use of plugins to order our pages, categories and links, without having to go through each one and set an order number manually. If we still have to do this, let’s do it right.

Geeky Weekly is the blog of a 23 year old self-proclaimed geek, with a BS in Computer Science and extensive expertise in computer technologies and databases. For a while now he has been working on 3 WordPress plugins that he kept constantly updated, with every new release of the blogging platform. The latest versions of his plugins are fully compatible – claims their author – with the 2.5 release and are now listed and hosted in the “Plugins” section of WordPress.org.

So, for your ordering needs, Blogsessive recommends:

  • My Link Order
  • My Page Order
  • My Category Order

Also, for more information and update history, visit the dedicated sections on the author’s blog: My Link Order, My Page Order and My Category Order.

From now on, enjoy your blogging. Everything is “in order”.