Business Insider asked numerous thought leaders about what shouldn’t surprise them or other bosses like them. Their advice also included the signs to look out for to help managers better lead, communicate with, and motivate their teams. Among those asked were John Rampton, serial entrepreneur as well as Co-Founder and CEO of Calendar and Due.

He noted that all good managers need to know when to fire an employee: “It’s a necessity if you want to have a thriving business,” says John Rampton. He also added some specific reasons: “When employees are gone more often than not, are argumentative, or customers despise them, these are signs your workers have overstayed their welcome.”

Other thought leaders noted that bosses should not be surprised when a new hire isn’t going to fit in with the culture, when an employee is about to jump ship, when an employee hates them, when an employee is bored, and when an employee fails.

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