UnGagged 2015 just wrapped up in Las Vegas, and as one of the featured speakers I’m honored to have kept such great company! This massive “UnConvention” is only in its second year, but has already set the bar high – as the globe’s first search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing conference. It’s where the brightest, most innovative, and bravest of digital marketers gathered for three incredible days. We talk about techniques that work (trust me, we’ve tested them!) and how we can learn even more about our industry.

What makes this UnConvention so unique? The exclusivity! There’s a strictly enforced, “No BS,” policy, and the event is only accessible to those who are truly thought leaders in the field. There are no pitches allowed, no recordings, and those of us who take the stage are committed to sharing only the most actionable of strategies. Transparency is key amongst attendees, so you walk away with tools and resources you can immediately put to use in your unique business field.


Sharing is Learning

By sharing what we know, learning takes precedent—and in an environment like this, everybody wins! The attendance is capped at 250 people, and we all agreed to a stringent “UnGagged Code.” That means we’re all making more cash, staying on the down low of search engines, and we’re all optimizing results in a personal and an industry building way. With free speech at the helm, Technopreneurs from around the world gather for progress – optimized.  This isn’t one of those conferences where you leave armed with ideas and no clue of how to put them into operational use. Folks are taking action in the halls right after the talks!

Check-in began at 2pm on November 8, kicking off a whirlwind weekend. I was the key speaker at two sessions: How to Get PR for Your Startup on November 9th and How to Successfully Launch a SaaS company on November 11th. To get a taste for the UnGagged vibe, the tagline for the first session was, “No One Cares About Your Startup.” And the second? “Know the Problem You Are Solving.” In the first session, my business partner Murray Newlands joined me on stage to discuss the ramifications that come once you truly realize nobody cares about that app you’re developing—so, go and solve problems for people. Get connected, get coverage, and know that big ideas are what tell your story!

In the second session, I shared real tips on reaching your audience and simple ways to problem solve, (it doesn’t need to be a complicated solution!). Once you know how to get traction, you’re on your way. I was recruited as a speaker thanks to my founding of Due.com and writing for major outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and Inc. As a specialist in content marketing, SEO, PPC, online marketing, and conversion marketing, my background was a perfect match to go UnGagged!

Maybe Next Time

Tickets are already available for Ungagged 2016: London. Sales end in April 2016, so get yours now! Prices start at around $900 (including taxes), but the early bird prices only last so long. Book yours now, and get an end of the year tax write-off for you and your business.