reader attentionI have a secret – this post is going to be loaded with grab words. You might be wondering what exactly a “grab word” is. That’s perfectly okay, because you’re going to learn not only what a grab word is, but also what it does for your content and your blog.

But wait, there’s more! I’m also going to give you a list of grab words you can use to generate interest on your blog, to engage your readers!

What is a “Grab Word”?

A “grab word” is a word that grabs the reader’s attention. Words such as “attention, free, money, sex, radical, new.” There are tons and tons of grab words that you can use to enhance your content. The best part? Your readers won’t even know or care that you’re using specific words to make them listen! If you use them correctly, your content will have more personality and your readers will love you for it.

Grab words work because they change the dynamic of the content. Instead of phrasing your articles around yourself and your knowledge, you’re phrasing the article around the reader and what he or she wants to hear, learn, or experience. Grab words form a strong connection with the reader, and in turn, suck them into your content so you can deliver the primary message.

7 Examples of Grab Words

Are you ready? Let me give you some examples of grab words you can start working into your blog posts. I’m going to share something with you – there are hundreds of grab words and, yes, grab “phrases” that you can use on your blog to raise interest. However, let’s start with a few basics:

  • Listen Up!
  • Free!
  • New
  • Coming Soon!
  • That’s not all…
  • I have a secret…
  • Transform

How to Use Grab Words

The premise is simple. Go about writing your blog post as usual, and every here or there, insert a phrase specifically for attention. Instead of saying “I’d like to talk about…” say “let me tell you about” or “you might be wondering“. This will draw your readers in more, because you’re making the sentence about them!

Quite frankly, you could throw a grab word in every sentence if you wanted. Ultimately it’s up to you where you place these words, but simply trying to work them into your sentences will improve your familiarity with them, and transform your content into must-read material for your blog’s readership. One little suggestion is to use grab words to create suspense.

It’s easy to take your content from mundane to awe-inspiring with just the usage of a few simple words! Imagine the possibilities creating customer grabbing content will deliver you. By utilizing some of these phrases, you can make your content flow, draw readers’ eyes down the page, and ultimately sell them on your idea. It’s that easy!

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