Numerous articles have documented the benefit of using co-working spaces, particularly for freelancers, startups, small business owners and telecommuters. These groups of workers often feel isolated and and sometimes become lonely, while others may opt for this type of work environment in order to network with others, conserve resources, locate talent and save time.

To help these workers throughout the Silicon Valley area where office space often comes at a premium, many co-working spaces have popped up like these in Palo Alto:

  • Hana Haus: Developed and opened by Dr. Hasso Plattner, Co-Founder of SAP, this co-working space is a cross between an event space, café, and office. The founder has described it as a place where creative people and entrepreneurs can come together, connect, and exchange ideas. There is an on-site restaurant as well as event space with regular concerts and other activities. With workspaces, assembly spaces, workshop space and conference rooms, there is a diverse set of options for co-working that also offer]s a wide price range to fit most budgets. This includes work spaces as low as $3 per hour per guest, lounge areas from $10 to $25 per hour, group tables for $20 per hour, quiet rooms for two for $15 per hour and conferences rooms for up to 12 people for $75 per hour. Hana Haus is located at 465 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301.
  • Sandbox Suites: Recently opened, this co-working space company has five locations that include one in Palo Alto while the others can be found around San Francisco and Berkeley. These modern spaces include fully furnished open desks, executive meeting rooms, and nine private offices with all the technology bells and whistles you need to get your projects done. Prices start at $35 per hour. The Palo Alto location is less than three miles from Stanford University as well as near the California Avenue Caltrain Station. The address is 3505 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306.
  • Regus: If you select this co-working space company, then you have the option of signing up for a membership that gets you access to more than 3,000 locations across 120 countries. They offer fully furnished private, shared, and open plan workspaces with 24/7 access, support, technology and flexible plans that only charge you for what you use. There are multiple locations in Palo Alto and around Silicon Valley with a wide range of pricing options.
  • Enerspace Coworking: Multiple options for working arrangements are offered, including co-working tables, café seats, outdoor seating, lounge area and standing desks with 24/7 access, office equipment, technology, a lunch space, free parking and bike storage, event space and a professional mailing address. You can get a $35 day pass or pay $140 per month to use the spaces one time each week, $550 per month for a dedicated desk, or $1,000 per month for a private office. Located right off the 101 Freeway and near Palo Alto Airport, this co-working space is located at 2225 East Bayshore Road, Suite 100, Palo Alto, CA 94303.
  • Pacific Business Centers: Located right next door to Enerspace Coworking, this option features conference space, support staff, and fully furnished offices from 90 to 300 square feet. You can also get suites up to 2,000 square feet. Conference rooms are $40 per hour while private offices average $695 per month. You can get a co-working membership for $20 per day. The company’s address is 2225 East Bayshore Road, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

There are many other co-working spaces nearby to Palo Alto that may be more amenable to your current location or vicinity to clients, investors, or co-workers. 

I recommend visiting all co-working spaces that are located near to your home before you commit to any location based on a review from a site like Yelp or even from a colleague. Even though you are sharing the space, it’s still going to be a personal preference where you feel most comfortable and productive. Try each one on for size, get a tour, and check out the vibe in each space. Since most of these co-working spaces offer the flexibility of hourly or monthly payments, you can even try one out for a while and then switch to another if it doesn’t feel right for your work style.