Today I am giving a talk about how to gain real traction for your startup online!

To gain real traction online you must first have an amazing product.  If you don’t have an amazing product, nobody is going to care about it or share it with their friends.  You need your product to go viral as well as be talked about over and over by your customers.

Remember, customers are gold and you should treat them that way.  Here are things you need to know about each customer:

  • Who they are?
  • What are their pains?
  • How do you solve their problem?
  • What sites do they frequent online?


  • What you do, who you are in 5 words or less.
  • Customers – How many and why they care.
  • Competitors – Who they are and info about them.
  • Selling points above customer
  • Bigger competitors are legit


  • Help others
  • Speak at conferences
  • Blog regularly
  • Comment on influencers


  • Skilled and Talented
  • Experience
  • Collaborative
  • Problem Solvers
  • Understand The Market
  • Intuitive
  • Communicative
  • Discipline
  • Part of the culture


  • ($550 setup and $25/month)
  • ($6000 setup and $500/month)
  • ($3000 setup and $250/month)

Social Media

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+


  • Fresh content is king, links are queen
  • Focus on phrases, not single keywords
  • Design IS important, factor in SEO
  • Don’t buy links
  • Think quality over quantity for blog posts
  • .edu links are gold
  • Seo takes time
  • Hosting is important, fast sites = better customers
  • Title tags, descriptions and headers are important