Free Simple RSS Icons

It’s time for a new freebie release! Here is Feedsessive, a free, simple and elegant RSS icon pack for you to use however you wish, in either personal or professional projects, with no restriction.

These days I’ve been working on a new project and I needed an RSS icon that is simple and elegant, and after designing one to use in my project, I decided to create a few variations and release them as a pack for those who might need it.

Feedsessive features 50 free RSS icons, split into 2 two design styles (basic and outlined), each with 25 color variation.

All the RSS icons are available in 3 formats:

  • EPS (vector) format
  • PDF format
  • Transparent PNG format at 300dpi

Download Feedsessive
* Packed size: 2.22 Mb

Here’s a preview of all the icons in the set:

Download Feedsessive
* Packed size: 2.22 Mb

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