Live! interviewed myself and Miranda Marquit about what failure can mean to your future success. I shared one of my epic failures—buying a company called Organizing Ventures. It came with a lot of URLs, and I started out with millions in sales every month. I had a big team, the whole shebang. However, after a few months of everything going great, we were moving way too fast. I grew it ten-fold until Amazon shut us down. That took down 90 percent of all sales.

That overnight failure took us from the top of the world to not even on the world. Two weeks later, I had to lay off everybody because I couldn’t afford it. I then had to liquidate the entire warehouse. That was by far my biggest failure I discuss openly, and it’s how I lost $1 million in six weeks. A lot of money and time went into it, and I had only been married three months when it happened. She was working 15 hour days doing data entry for me. You can imagine the stress that put on a new marriage.

With failure, I give myself one pity day. My wife and I “celebrated” our failure by spending a day at Disneyland, but then moved on (literally). We sold everything and moved locations a few days later.

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