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Update: Simple Balance 2.2 has been released. Even more options and color schemes and still FREE.

One month and 2000 downloads later, the new version of the Simple Balance Free WordPress theme is released.

New options have been added – along with the options of Simple Balance 2.0 – to the theme’s control panel, including:

  1. Easy to set up featured post (does not use categories);
  2. Google AdSense alternative for both the top and right sidebar ad space;
  3. Easy to set up email subscription form; *
  4. Page selection for the top menu (only selected parent pages will be displayed);
  5. Two brand new color schemes: Blue Bubble and Curly Green

* Works only with Google’s version of FeedBurner. For other versions, code editing is required.

Upgrading from prior versions

If you’re upgrading from 1.0 or 2.0, all you have to do is to copy the new files over the old ones, overwriting those that already exist (if you haven’t done changes to the theme) and adding the new ones.

Once you’ve uploaded the files, by simply entering the theme’s options panel (Design > Simple Balance 2.1 CP) the new options will automatically be installed.

Everything is under control…

… and now it’s time to OWN you WordPress blog!

Have a look!

See the goodies that await you with Simple Balance 2.1.
Control Panel

Get your copy now for FREE and expect more beautiful updates and color schemes every month!

Special thanks go to Shantanu Goel (@shantanugoel)for providing essential help and feedback, and to Ronald Huereca for writing an excellent guide on WordPress custom queries.