How you begin your day can set the stage for your successes (or failures) for the next 24 hours. Forbes recently asked seven “successful but human” entrepreneurs, including myself, what our best morning routines entail. I wake up early, always before 6:30, and spend a few minutes thinking and/or in mindful meditation. Sitting or staying in bed for a few minutes to get my mind in the right gear is critical.

I’m also a big fan of going to the gym first thing in the morning. Exercise energizes you, and for me if I don’t hit the gym right away there will be countless excuses throughout the day to skip it. I work out around three days per week, which is the minimum recommended by experts to enjoy all the benefits of exercise.

Fortunately, it’s just a four minute bike ride from my home to my office. I’m usually the first to arrive, and as soon as I begin working I don’t stop. I prioritize the toughest projects first, not only to get them out of the way but because (this early) nobody is around to distract me. Most of the time, the bulk of my work is finished before 9am.

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