Some interesting things happened recently that are of interest to any blogger. Check out these blogosphere news:

Download Flock 1.2 Beta

Flock 1.2, “the social web browser” based on the Mozilla engine goes into beta stage. I’ve gave it a shot and I can say that for a person that pretty much depends on social networking, Flock is a very good solution. Social bookmarking and networking services, all your friends and all your stories under one roof seams like a good deal to me.
The only downside (and for me it’s a big one) is that the RSS feeds take TOO long to update. The “reload” option did not work any magic either, but I guess that’s why it is a beta right?
Get over there, download it, try it and share your experience. I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback.

Mixx announced Twitter integration

The folks over at Mixx don’t like to waste time, and there’s not much time to waste when their community seams to grow very fast. They’ve recently announced a new option of automatically post a tweet on your Twitter account whenever you add a new story to Mixx. Useful, helpful? You decide, at least it’s better to have it, than not to.

You can find out more on the Mixx Blog, and while you’re there, check out Blogsessive’s Mixx profile.

Third-party ads on the Google content network

I guess pretty much everyone who uses AdSense got the email, but just in case you’ve missed it:

“We’re happy to announce that the Google content network now accepts display ads served from qualified third-party vendors. During this initial release, only ads in English are eligible, although we look forward to offering more options in the future.

If you’re currently opted in to image ads, you’re already able to receive third-party ads. If not, you can enable image ads to start receiving third-party ads immediately.”

Head over to the Google Blog if you want to read more.

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