Blogging Myths BustedThe mirage of blogging keeps on attracting more and more people each day and with it, bloggers and online publishers hurry to launch debates on tips and best practices.

There is no secret that some of these blogging tips available on many blogs out there are written out of the desire to catch a profitable train or only to align with a publishing trend.

Some of these blogs only offer tips based on myths, without a reference or statistic background. What are these myths and my arguments against them?

Post at least once a day

This is my personal favorite. Not because posting daily would be a bad thing for your blog, but because it can’t be applied to every blogger. Posting junk only because you want to make a post every day will turn against you sooner or later. Post whenever you have something meaningful or important to say.

Posting takes 10 minutes

First of all, posting takes a few seconds “Write – Write Post – “Lorem ipsum” – Publish”.
If you’re writing on a specific subject, creating a “worth reading” post takes more than 10 minutes. It takes time to find information, resources, reference and develop an opinion. Again, this myth is not generally applicable since not all blogs out there are personal blogs, or blogs created only to follow the trend, and abandoned after one month.

Setting up a blog takes a few minutes

Technically it does, but then you will have “Just another WordPress weblog”. Your blog, personal or professional, has to have an identity of its own. Get a new theme, customize it yourself or get someone to help you with that. There are hundreds of resourceful websites available online, most of them free. Why not taking advantage of it?

There are too many blogs

Not by far. Only a small percentage of them are well targeted, maintained and promoted. If you’re serious about it, there always place for one more. It only takes a bit of study and dedication.

Publishing RSS feeds will affect your traffic

Then consider writing something more interesting and intriguing. Establish a relation with your readers, engage them in discussions and they’ll come to your site, looking to post a comment or read others’ thoughts on you post. Further more, I invite you to take a look at some of the world’s most famous blogs, check their traffic level and their number of subscribers.

Keep publishing and Google will do the rest to get you traffic

You can be an undiscovered genius, but by following this myth you have every chance of remaining undiscovered. Promote yourself, interact with other bloggers in your niche, engage in comments and participate actively in social networks. While search engines can generate enough traffic for your blog, the above mentioned methods will help you get loyal readers.

Offer some free stuff

It pretty much depends on what you are offering. Is it unique? Is it a “must have” or at least helpful? Is it high quality? Answer yourself these questions and if you don’t have at least a positive answer, reconsider your “give away”.

Criticize or insult a famous blogger

Yes, I’ve heard this one too. People love fights, but unless you are 110% sure of what you’re saying or better qualified than him/her, you’re just another easy target, soon to be victim. Talking “crap” is like walking on thin ice. Be careful!

Bottom line is: Nothing is generally applicable. Document yourself, experiment, find out what works best for you and make a difference between tips and laws.