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When gathering resources for a new blog topic, not only the research methods are very important, but also the locations. Some online resources offer more in-depth and trust-worthy information than others, or simply more information.

Where should one start when researching topics? What are the best research resources? Some would say encyclopedias, others would say specialized informational websites. I’d say both.

This is one post you’d like to bookmark for further use, as the list of categories, resources and links will grow each day, and THIS post will get updated each time.

If you’d like to suggest an entry, feel free to contact me.

Please note that the following list is based on my preferences.

Important: Content theft is not research! Respect the authors of these resources and do not copy their work.

List of covered categories of resources

  1. Astronomy & Space
  2. Automotive Industry
  3. Biology
  4. Career & Jobs
  5. Computers & Gadgets
  6. Encyclopedias
  7. History

Astronomy & Space Research Resources

  1. NASA
  2. Google Space
    Includes Google Sky, Google Moon & Google Mars
  3. Hubble Site
  5. Space on
  6. Discovery Space on The Discovery Channel
  7. Absolute Astronomy
  8. Encyclopedia Astronautica
  9. Space Today

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Automotive Industry Research Resources

  1. Car and Driver
  2. Motor Trend

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Biology Research Resources

  1. Biology Online
  2. Biology Browser
  3. Discover Life
  4. Biology on

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Career & Jobs Research Resources

  4. Sparkplugging
  5. Simply Hired blog
  6. FreelanceSwitch
  7. Freelance Folder
  8. Careers on The Wall Street Journal

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Computers & Gadgets Research Resources

  1. Tom’s Hardware
  2. Hardware Central
  3. PC Magazine
  4. Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB)
  5. CNET Software Reviews
  6. PC World
  7. Gizmodo
  8. Engadget

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  1. Encyclopedia
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Britannica
  4. MSN Encarta

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History Research Resources

  1. The History Channel
  2. World History Connected Journal
  3. History of Nations
  4. U.S. History Site
  5. History Orb
  6. The History Guide

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7 comments on “Blog Topic Research Resources

  • Just wanted to pop in and the blog is looking tight. I just finished a post basically about writing and research or in my case a lack thereof;)
    Also strangely my previous post was about long tail keywords 🙂
    Awesome blog cool theme a little tight in the post size. Hey check out my blog and quote me a price on a theme like this one here 🙂
    I’d load up my footer but I like your whole top section anyway I just wanted to say HIGH 🙂
    Oh and on my blog I like the keyword LUV DO follow and comment LUV 🙂
    thanks see you around stumbled.

  • Alex, this is a great initiative! This blog post can evolve into a pretty complex list of resources if you keep adding categories and sites to it. Hope you get plenty of interesting recommendations from this blog’s readers.

  • Instead of mentioning actual resources, I will share some ideas on how we find some (this works well for the software industry but not sure about others).

    1. Try to find PlanetX where X is Semanticweb, Java or any topic of interest. For example – . Planets tend to be aggregators of top blogs in a particular space.

    2. Try to find Social Networks on Ning in a particular space. They tend to have lots of resource links along with discussions.

    3. I came across a concept called PostRank. That may help locate the top blogs/feeds in a particular space.

    4. Feeds from the top mags or sites in a space. They tend spend a lot of effort and do the Top 10, Top 20 resources from that space.

    We need to constantly find the top feeds to aggregate for one of our products. We are trying to automate some of these steps.


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