AllBusiness noted 77% of small businesses are using social media to promote and grow their business. And, since small business has become such a powerhouse in the U.S. and global economy, it’s important to help them with marketing their companies on these channels. That’s why AllBusiness put together a list of those small business marketing leaders based on their Twitter following. This one channel doesn’t necessarily represent how truly influential they are since every company influences small business owners in different ways. That’s why AllBusiness also included each influencer’s Moz Followerwonk social authority score.

Of the 50 on the list, John Rampton came in at No. 2 with 1.42 million Twitter followers and a Followerwonk social authority score of 80. This was just behind No. 1 Gary Vaynerchuk with 1.47 million Twitter followers and a Followerwonk social authority score of 90. As a social authority, John continues to expand his following thanks to the numerous companies he now leads that get small business owners organized and maximize their time (, improve their payment methods (Flint), and increase cash flow with online invoicing (Due). Additionally, John continues to also provide thought leadership on his own blog and throughout presentations at major global conferences as he continues to pursue his goal of helping as many small business owners as possible.

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