Can you mix business with pleasure? For myself and eight other entrepreneurs, the answer is “Yes!” Or at least “sometimes.” It can work, but I told Entrepreneur that it’s best to “date” before getting married. Personally, I work closely with a longtime friend, Murray Newlands. My advice is to start small with a couple of little projects. That’s how you can tell if you can work together as well as you play together.

Other tips include checking your egos at the door—which is a must for any business relationship, but especially if you’re friends first. Make sure you share a common vision, too. If you’re too different, it’s not going to work out, especially if those differences are all about business. You should also share passion for the business, service, or product. Hopefully you have an idea about how each other communicates, which will serve you well in business.

Ask yourself if you’d hire your friend even if you’d never met them before. Are they the best person for the position? They should be. In many cases, it’s best to write down the rules between work and play. Make sure you balance each other’s strengths/weaknesses, and always put business first.

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