Today I was featured on Mashable talking about things that make you look like a marketing rookie with your business.  I see some of these mistakes all the time that I wrote about it on Mashable today.  Here is what I said was one of the biggest mistakes that I see companies making!

Using Facebook ads

I have spent a lot of money on Facebook ads for hundreds of companies. Seventy percent of the companies out there will not benefit at all from Facebook ads while 10% will thrive on them. You do have to find out which one you are. Twenty percent of companies basically break even.

I recommend setting aside a $500-$1000 budget for Facebook ads. Test several ads and targeting audiences for a couple different landing pages. Spend the money evenly throughout the week. You will find out if it works within seven days. Run it every day of the week. You may find it works on certain days and not on others.

Test to see if it works but don’t bet the farm on Facebook Ads, as it doesn’t work for most of the startups I’ve worked with.

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John Rampton on Mashable - Marketing mistaked that make you look like a rookie