Everyone can be more frugal than they are, but AOL just released the top list that won’t only help you save money, it just might make you a millionaire! The Lifestyle article features myself and seven other experts talking about money saving tips that make the biggest impact. My top tip is to never pay full price on anything. Take a cue from celebrities who borrow dresses and jewelry for big events. In my research, I found that households with an income of six figures and more utilize more coupons than poverty-stricken families.

I also try to use cash whenever possible and avoid leaving home with credit cards (or big cash amounts—no cheating!). If you don’t readily have the cash available, you probably don’t really need the item. There are, of course, benefits to having a low-interest and high-rewards credit card, but you need to really be on top of your money management game to make those cards work for you.

Getting a side gig is easier in the digital era than ever before, and a great way to put away some more green. You might also want to downsize and rent/sell whatever you don’t need.

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8 frugal habits that will help you make millions-with John Rampton